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Keep On Rolling


AHHHH!  Just typing the word makes me breath deeper and release unnecessary tension in my shoulders.  Massages are the bomb!  The real deal! I realize massage is NOT for everyone (rolling my eyes) but personally I LOVE a good deep massage.  Shoot, I love a bad massage.  Ok, come to think of it, I enjoy a flipping half crappy shoulder, foot, hand or head massage!  To me, getting a massage is pure luxury.  If ever blessed with a massage gift certificate I cherish it like a brick of GOLD!  I feel so pampered and zen like!  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the budget for monthly massages or a private chef.  (Check out my previous post FAKE IT)   However, thanks to the fine folks at AIRROSTI I have discovered an affordable self managed massage.


So if you are one of “those people” who is not into strangers rubbing and digging deep into your muscles releasing toxins and tension, you need to invest in a foam roller.  If you are an athlete or workout warrior who has consistent sore muscles you too need to purchase a foam roller. If you have chronic ailments or aches and pains, yes…you need a foam roller.  The good news is they are not hard to find.  You can purchase a decent rollers at TARGET FOAM ROLLERS  or WALMART FOAM ROLLERS  

Dr. Kelly Hernandez from
AIRROSTI  recently stopped by for a visit at Abercrombie and FITness.  She coached  me and my clients through a detailed foam rolling clinic. Dr. Hernandez believes that our constant bad posture is the main culprit for joint and muscle dislocation.  So, sit up straight this instant!  The foam roller is not an easy thing to master and it can be quite painful in the beginning. Once you learn how to maneuver the roller, your essentially giving yourself a mini massage.  I work out every stinking day and I don’t play around.  My body experiences sore and tired muscles and I realize I basically live with pain. No more said the foam roller.  Now that I have the hang of it,  I make a   point to rondeaux with the roller once every night.  All it takes is 10-15 minutes and it is really relaxing.  I roll the areas that feel the most tense or balled up.  You can roll your back side and your front side and by changing the angles of your feet you can literally massage the inner and outer thigh.  If you happen to be gassy…roll your tummy on that bad boy and get it circulating.  Just make sure your ALONE!  (shoo-wee)  


AIRROSTI is much more than foam rolling therapy.  AIRROSTI is a physical therapy treatment for sprains, strains and aches and pains.  Dr. Kelly Hernandez is a licenced chiropractor who can manipulate your muscles until you cry.  Tears of joy that is!  AIRROSTI locations are many but Dr. Hernandez, located in Irving close to Hackberry Creek Country Club went above and beyond. She is devoted to one on one personal treatment.  Airrosti is also different from other treatment options you may have experienced. They take a very patient-centric approach to musculoskeletal care. Whether you’ve been living with chronic and nagging pain for years or if you’ve recently experienced an injury, our goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and back to doing what you love. With more than 300,000 patient cases and a million plus patient visits, they have a consistent track record of resolving most conditions in as few as three visits, with an 88.7% injury resolution rate. That’s HUGE!

Dr. Hernandez and her physical therapist assistant Jeremy Yarrington are incredibly talented.  They educate patients on how to properly stretch and or roll out an ailment with a lacrosse ball.  Their simplistic approach to therapy is refreshing.

IMG_6122 dr hernandez

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