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The year of the earring (two workout videos included)

Hello and Happy belated Valentines day love bugs. One of my most fond Valentine moments was the year I got my ears pierced. Do you remember the day you got your ears pierced? Some females don't have a rejoiced recollection because they didn't get a say so. There is no memory of the procedure because… Continue reading The year of the earring (two workout videos included)

Bringing Sweaty Back

Diet & Dating 

My Mr. Chicken Fry is full of unexpected spontaneous surprises.  He pulled a total date night doozie on me last night.  With it being Valentines and all I just assumed we would share a quaint family dinner out.  However our little social teen queen had other plans with a large group of girlfriends for a… Continue reading Diet & Dating 

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Stop…in the name of LOVE

Girl Scout cookies are everywhere!!!  You can't escape it unless you live and/or work in some obscure deep dark deserted hole under the earth.  So unless you're a coal miner on an undercover sting operation, you are suspect to all of the Valentine treats scattered at every turn.  Pink and red are literally every where...candy… Continue reading Stop…in the name of LOVE