Muscles and Mascara


This weekend was a blast and a complete whirl wind!  It was like I was in warp speed which is really really really fast and I didn’t slow down until yesterday about 4pm.  Do you ever have weekends like that? The go go go weekends that whip you around like a tornado!  WHOA that was fast but amazing.  #kelsoeinlove.

First off, my sweet baby girl has been home sick from school since last Thursday.  So the added component of working from home and caring for a sick teenager threw a wrench in my schedule.  Can anyone else out there relate to the struggle?   Additionally, we had a very special family wedding to attend with activities Friday and Saturday evening.  My ONLY niece was married Saturday night in Denton, Texas to the love of her life.  It was a BEAUTIFUL occasion.  


Back to last Thursday and FRIDAY…between working, doctor visits, medicine every three to four hours, Lysol like a fiend, trays of food and snacks to keep baby girl comfortable, usual house work and blogging…life was BUSY!  A SHOT of espresso please!  As I write, I can hear her on the couch blowing her nose and coughing her head off.  Today marks day three of no school.  Poor baby.  We forced her to attend the wedding Saturday night and it might have made her a little worse but worth it seeing her cousin have a true princess celebration.  Friday night baby girl elected to stay home and rest.  Mr. Chicken Fry and I left for Denton early to beat traffic and met up with my nephew for some spirits.  I had to exercise great discipline at the rehearsal dinner when I noticed that dessert was peach cobbler and Bluebell ice-cream! 


I work six days a week, Monday thru Friday and Saturday mornings. I have three back to back appointments on Saturday but I start a little later so I’m able to sleep in until 8:30am.  The tone of my day was set when baby girl told me she was ready to get out of the house. Hip Hip Hooray.  I got on the phone and booked dual make up appointments for the full Cinderella treatment.  I went from training in the gym to a nice 30 minute cardio session on the elliptical.  From there I “straightened” up the house and fluffed the pillows.  I scarfed down a protein bar, took a shower and whisked us away to the mall for makeup!  I pre-made snack bags of nuts and pretzels for the make ov
er appointment.  Andrea Ditto at the Chanel counter did us up right!  Her flawless technique and strobing was exactly what we needed.  45 Minutes later we emerged highlighted painted and ready for the wedding.  Back home I made us a quick turkey sandwich while we curled our hair.  Before we knew it we were dressed and out the door chauffeured by Mr. Chicken Fry who was looking debonair!       IMG_6542



Weddings bring out the best in people.  Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to shine and sparkle at a wedding?    I personally think it’s the cake that brings out the glow.  I mean who doesn’t anticipate a BIG piece of frosted wedding cake!!!!  You arrive at the reception and the focal point becomes that tall white stack of sugary, buttery bliss glaring at you. CUT THE CAKE already!   Yes, eat the cake…have wedding cake always and forever.  And eat the whole piece…why not…after all weddings don’t happen every day!  For heavens sake, eat the cake!  Then…jump on the dance floor and shake your groove thing.  Get down, get funky, get your nae nae on and dance your tail off.  BUT by all means eat the cake!  

IMG_6620How was your weekend?

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