Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Complexion questions?

Have you been to a beauty counter lately?  My goodness, if you have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. and need foundation, eye liner or moisturizer, you could have a panic attack in the middle of the mall or ULTA. There are like a million brands to choose from not to mention the buffet of items to select. It’s makeup and skin care overload.  Wow!  Why has the complection industry become so complex?    

Cassie, professional blogger and owner of “Hi Sugarplum”, a super snazzy DIY and fashion blog,  just named RemeLift one of the BEST  beauty products of 2015!  

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RV_Combo_SidewaysAbout 4 years ago I recall my girlfriend sharing stories about her entrepreneurial aunt in Franklin, Tennessee. She explained that her aunt, a super successful out of the box thinker, had always aspired to create a natural line of skincare products. Now I don’t know about you but I have aspirations of creating my own line of greeting cards, maybe to fly an airplane and possibly learn to paint like Picasso but who really GOES through with it??  Mrs. Lois Elliott, is who.  Her bright idea was to match or exceed the quality of the most expensive skincare brands on the market, then make these winning products affordable for everyone.  Lois literally hired a chemist and was formulating products from scratch. She was in a laboratory mixing vitamins and minerals with her bare hands and eventually RemeVerse was born!  This woman was inspiring me and I hadn’t even met her yet.

Eventually my super groovy girlfriend tossed me some RemeVerse samples in lieu of honest feedback. After several weeks of using the samples I requested samples of EVERYTHING.  I wanted my notes to be accurate.  My friend politely pointed out that I had all of the samples. My first note was easy;  RemeVerse cut the COMPLEX out of my complection! The result was a total skincare system with THREE simple steps. 
washing face smallUntil I started using Remeverse, my skin care regimen was exhausting.  I had a 6 step daily process that promised to wake up my skin, refresh and tone and keep me looking young. BUT why so many steps?  Cleanse, exfoliate, apply the mask and let it dry, wash off the mask, let the face air dry, apply vitamin serum and finish with mosturizer.  Oh wait, don’t forget the daily sunscreen.  Where did makeup factor in?   Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I know the kind of hustle bustle world we working moms and dads live in.  We need efficient and effective everything!  At age 42, I’m not getting any younger or any more tolerant.  I’m tired of wasting time and money on incompetent products!  To my good fortune, RemeVerse provided reversal, remedy and results.  For more detailed information click on this link → REMEVERSE.


The RemeVerse difference is in the ingredient list or should I say what’s not in the ingredient list!  RemeVerse took all of the good key components such as hyluranic acid, vitamin C and peptides and mixed  it into the creams.  Instead of smearing on four or five different serums or creams RemeVerse “built in” the vital ingredients for healthy skin. Other moisturizers and cleansers have a long indulgent ingredient list.  Remeverse is pure and natural and does not have fluff components such as chemicals and fragrances.  It is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it doesn’t harbor harsh ingredients.

Jurate before and afterCHANGE

I noticed a significant change in my skin tone after 3 months.   I had major uneven red and dark spots from years of sun damage.  Remember the baby oil days?  After 12 weeks my ruddy cheeks had slowly disappeared and were dewy.  The cleanser toner exfoliator in one contains rose hips and it really clears your skin and leaves it feeling and looking fresh!


RemeLift was the ultimate closer for me. This unisex product sealed the deal. RemeLift is a temporary wrinkle and pore filler.  With just a few sqirts, this magic serum works in 3 minutes or less to smooth out fine lines.  Don’t believe me…try it!  I’ll send you some samples. The unique component is the fast acting but temporary effect!  You put it on in the morning and it provides a quick lift and its gone when you wash it off.  Think of it like a little added bonus lift.  Mr. Chicken Fry…aka my hubby, calls RemeLift, “Botox in a Bottle.”  He is quite fond of this product.   SHHH.

Check out the amazing before and after photos of RemeLift at REMEVERSE

So, I’m completely sold on the products and the ease of the daily routine.  It works for me and I think it will work for you too.  Now through December 31st RemeVerse has a “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE”.  The “Buy one get one FREE” starter kit is only $59.  You get two for the price of one!!  Perfect for a holiday gift or keep it yourself!

To order your today go to or click the link above!  

If your intrigued with the products or the business portion listen to this video from yours truly… ⇒ Angi Abercrombie introduces RemeVerse

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