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The National FIT League

It’s Monday, Monday, Monday…and The Dallas Cowboys won at home against NYC!   This makes me very happy!  Wave your hands in the air, air, air!  

In lieu of opening season, I will share /repost a motivational favorite, The National FIT League!

I’m a big, I mean HUGE football fan!  I’ve been a proud, non-wavering, blue and silver wearing, Dallas Cowboy fan since birth.  Now, Mr. Chicken Fry, aka my hubby, would argue with that sentiment. Let me briefly explain, cough cough.  I often forget that I married an all-knowing football all-star, winner of the Heisman…in his own mind, gifted with Howard Cosell announcing skills, and the ultimate walking football statistic!  He seems to think that I’m not a true “football fan” just because I only watch THE DALLAS COWBOYS.  He believes that since I don’t memorize every stat on each player across the NFL, that I’m not a TRUE fan!  REALLY?   I beg to differ.

Shoot, what he doesn’t know is what I do NOTICE!  For instance, I know which team has the coolest football pants and award-winning helmets!  As a matter of fact, I also happen to research, study and educate myself on the player with the best physique. (DUH, it’s my job to review and study a body like a masterful piece of meat ART!)  I occasionally weigh in with my thoughts on the best bum and biceps in the NFL.  DO NOT get me started on the hideous throwback uniforms.  This is serious football business people.  I have to  grind and focus to gain this kind of high intel.   BOOM in ya face Mr. Chicken Fry!

Is it just my opinion or do you think that the NFL, national football league,  should really stand for the National FIT League?  Geeze Louise have you seen the players?  These guys are ripped!  Their shoulders and abs are seriously stacked like a brick house!  I’m beyond motivated by their tenacity and their bodies.  I have a deep appreciation for how hard they train.  These young men are in mint condition.  

Football is such a physical sport. The way these guys maneuver and manipulate their bodies displays unbelievable athleticism.  The vertical jumps, the hard tackles and the flips are remarkable. When these guys sprint down the field their muscles emulate strong thoroughbred horses racing toward the finish line. Watch some of the plays in slow motion. Every single muscle fiber is firing with flawless potential.   They train and play with tremendous heart and it shows.  A real fan pays attention to the details!!! 


Now, don’t think for a second that these guys are super humans genetically predisposed with animalistic bodies. Certainly some natural ability and genes factor in, but the truth is these players work grueling hours perfecting their game. Weeks in the weight room.  Hours on the field and afternoons studying the play books.  Let’s not discount their years of banging up the ladder to the National FIT League.  Many started playing pee-wee then on to middle school sports, high school ball followed by  college.   All of this is apart of the grooming and training process.    Getting FIT doesn’t happen over night. 

This select group of super athletes come in all shapes and sizes.   Many of these guys have to drop weight, while some need to gain more muscle.  Others have to focus on speed and agility to sustain four quarters at full speed.  That is some motivating stuff for football and  FITness fans. 

So Next time you’re in the gym and need some motivation…guys and girls, focus your attention on the National FIT League.  Let these rough and tumble fellows inspire you to get off the cozy comfy couch and grind it out for an hour.  Since you don’t have to suit up in shoulder pads and take tackles for three hours, an hour of heavy lifting and cardio will be sufficient.  If you’re a methodical workout warrior put your mind’s eye on the prize.  If your goal is a pair of quadzillas like Steve Weatherford, punter for the Giants, think about the training put in to get those thighs. It’s not unattainable, but it will require dedication in the weight room and in the kitchen. Trust me, you don’t have to be a muscle head completely jacked to the max but the opposite is far worse.  Check out this piece on NFL coaches Things that make you go HMMM?

The National FIT League…that’s my vote Mr. Roger Goodell.  

Oh…I almost forgot… Drum roll…The best bootie in the NFL award goes to,  Mr. Dez Bryant!  He proceeds the all time record holding best BUM ever… Mr. Michael Irvin.  Best “welcome to the gun show” biccep award goes to…Mr. Richard Sherman.  And the best football pants and helmets in the NFL goes to…the one the only, America’s Team, The DALLAS COWBOYS!  So there you have it from a true football fan.  (wink wink)


Love, LIFT, and  be FIT!



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