Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I have a date with Oscar

Exactly six weeks from this past Sunday, I have a date with Oscar!  February 28th is Oscar Sunday. For those of you dazed & confused or living under a rock, allow me to introduce you. Oscar is the tall, gold, stoic trophy of the Academy Awards which honors all things cinema. This is an annual televised show honoring actors, directors, producers, music, costuming, editing and much more.  This red carpet event and star gazing marathon is my equivalent to Mr. Chicken Fry’s NFL Super Bowl.  After all, I consider movie watching a sport.   

You can call me a glam ham, theatre geek or a wanna be actress.  The fact is, I love the ART of acting and the physicality required of the actors.  I’m also hyper intriqued by the amount of work and FITness put into this one night. The actors and primarily the actresses begin putting on the FITz and glam for their big night in Hollywood.  Personal trainers all over NYC and Hollywood are put to the test and challenged to get their celebrity toned and tight for their big night.  



I have an idea… What do you say we get into character?  Let’s act and pretend that we have 6 weeks to get in the best shape possible. For some of you this challenge lines up with spring break activities or “Spring” in general. For others this could be a special valentine date and flaunting that little black dress hanging in the closet.  Maybe you’re just now implementing the new year goals of working out, perfect timing.  Whatever the case, this is your six week call back!    Your audition is spread out over the next six weeks.  Take your places…annnd ACTION!


For the next six weeks I will be posting weekly workouts. These routines will be geared toward the leading role, the advanced workout warrior. I will add modifications for the cast, the beginners. Each workout will take about 35-40 minutes of your entire day.  I know you have 35 minutes and if you don’t, get creative, use your skills and make 35 minutes.  Do it in the morning or before you go to bed. Screen shot it on your phone and take it to the gym or outside in the park.  There is plenty of time to get star studded and FIT for this role.


Don’t forget CARDIO!  Along with the weekly workouts you will need to find 25-35 minutes a day to challenge yourself with a cardio session.  Jogging, power walking, treadmill, stair steeper, elliptical, swimming, biking, hiking…this is going to prepare you for the screen test!    

I also recommend eating!  Blaze of Glory  is a recent post on the importance of eating.  Also, check out this article on eating your way to 6 pack abs  6 PACKabs in the kitchen

We’re ready to roll


REMEMBER, you are NOT ALONE.  All of the Hollywood’s A listers are working their tails off right now.   So are all of the football pro athletes.  And so am I!!!  This is no time to rest.  Let’s do this thing together.  


Spider Push ups 20 reps. (drop to your knees for beginners)

Squat jumps 20 reps (10 for beginners)

Squats hold weights curl at the bottom (curl coming up for beginners) 

Donkey kicks 20 reps

Front and Side laterals 10 front 10 to the side 

Alternating lunges hold weight over head. 20-30 lunges. 

Bicycle abs – 30 each side which is 60 total  

Repeat 3-5 times. 

This workout targets your booty, shoulders and core!  It will burn…keep pushing.  

Spring and Summer bodies are built in the WINTER time.  Keep pushing.

Are you up for the OSCAR challenge?    What did you think of the workout?  I would appreciate your feedback.

That’s a wrap!  


P.S.  see you tomorrow!  

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