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Horse Crap

During Christmas break, I read “For The Love” by renowned author Jen Hatmaker.  If your into laughter and feeling completely understood and justified as a female working mom and wife…this is worth the read.  Jen is a crack up!  I laughed and laughed, so hard at times, that I rolled tears of joy as I hung on to her every inspiring word. I even took her advice  to “get outside of my comfort zone” and feed my people good food. (to know me is to know I don’t do food…well →When all Else Fails, Fake It! )   In the same token I was also nudged to spend more time with those people in my life who I desire to, but never really get around to spending quality time around.  Basically I’m opting  to be more intentional with people, time and space.  The idea in this one chapter is that as I learn to cook, I would host friends into our home for a meal and ultimately develop a deeper friendship.      UMMM Yeah…NO! 

Whoa horsey….slow down girl. (I say to myself)

I truly saddled up and took the dirt road to this food deal.  After all, my baby girl and Mr. Chicken Fry need to eat, as do I, so why not save money, cook more, and feed friends in the interim!  Determined to practice this unusual aspiration of actually chopping, sautéing and using pots AND pans, (sigh) I gave it a good college try!  Since January 3rd, I have been shopping in the produce section buying fancy vegetables and spices.  I went as far as watching cooking channels and thumbing through recipe books (I try desperately to find excitement in caramelizing onions).  I reached out to friends who delightfully pointed me toward olive oil and seasoning.  I attempted some good and some not so good dishes.  I also took the second step and made a formal invitation to our friends and told them my intention to get to know them better over a home made meal at my humble abode.  They gladly accepted even after I divulged, I don’t typically do food.  (why were they not petrified?) 

Three days before this supper is suppose to go down, I had a light bulb moment while making a practice meal. My reality is…I don’t like to cook.  I can do it. I can practice every day, three times a day but frankly, I don’t enjoy it.  It’s not my thing.  I don’t find cooking remotely therapeutic or blissful in anyway. All it does is bring me stress and anxiety.  I’m HOWEVER a great cleaner upper! 

Food for my horses

Don’t get me wrong, I have a zeal for hosting humans in my home.  But, I now know and can say with confidence that I don’t care if I EVER COOK a large grandiose meal for anyone.  For my immediate family, I will grind out my turkey tacos on Tuesday and spaghetti on Monday and a pork tenderloin or two on Wednesday. I will boil my weekly brown rice and chop up my fruits and veggies for easy snacking.  I will bake my infamous biannual cookies and Christmas turkey and whip up some hobo stew on a cold rainy day.   I’ll be happy to throw some burgers, salmon or chicken on the grill and will happily do this until the cows come home.  I might even go as far as roasting a few veggies now and again when I’m feeling fancy or baby girl begs for broccoli.  Unfortunately, preparing a large meal for special friends is not ever going to be my forte. 

There, I said it.  I’m set free. I’m so relieved the weight is lifted. And better yet, me and Mr. Chicken Fry stayed true to my intention and shared the BEST laughter and conversation in a booth over Tex Mex with our special friends.  Boom… stress free and no clean up (and the crowd goes wild)!!  I learned that I can call myself out and be honest with my friends. All is good. We will meet again soon for another meal perhaps pizza or Chinese food at the house. 

Either way…discover what brings you real joy.  Now, yard work…oh the joy I get from yard work.  I yearn for it.  Bring on the weed picking, leaf blowing, planting flowers and getting my hands dirty…all while in a bikini getting sun damage!  That’s more my style!  

Honest Abe…signing out.

Peace love and turkey taco grease! 

PS -stay tuned for Friday’s oscar challenge workout #3 




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