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Oscar Challenge workout #3 (video) 

It’s FRIDAY my little cinema sweeties.  How are you doing with the behind the scenes workout videos?  Are you developing your character?  

Today’s workout is guaranteed to steam you up!  

Quiet on the set… Camera is rolling!

Workout #3

  • Curtsy lunges with a side lateral raise.  do all right side then all left side 8 each side /16 total reps (raise as you come up, for extra challenge raise as you go down) 
  • Heel taps – lay back flat – tap your heels on the ground two feet at a time (advanced add a reverse crunch and weight between your feet)  20 reps
  • Bent over wide rows – 20 reps
  • Squats with a bar – 20 reps
  • TRX wide rows – 20 reps
  • crunch and press on a ball or BOSU
  • Kick your own butt 1 minute 30 seconds

Repeat this workout 3-5 times Take 30 seconds or less in between each set and 10 seconds or less in between each exercise.

(I had major mechanical and technical difficulties this morning trying to post this video)

I hope and pray that this link works.


Workout video #3 

 Week one is almost done!  5 weeks to go.

In case you missed it or you want to get some extra rehearsal time in this weekend…here are the quick links to the other workouts!  

Workout #1   Workout #2

As your “acting coach,” I would like a little feed back.   How your doing?  Keep me updated on your progress.

Have a great weekend and don’t blow it…remember, the red carpet, spring break, Valentines, that little black dress, the beach, the pool, the jeans…await!







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