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Tuesday Testimonial KENDRA ERWIN

Meet Kendra Earwin.  

This chick is drop dead darling and has A LOT going on.  She has her precious hands full as a wife and working mother of three children under the age of two. (GOD bless her).  She and her hubby share two year old energizer twins, boy and girl, and a 6 month old sweet baby girl.  

preg kendra 

I met Kendra just after she had the twins.  She was fired up and ready to drop the lingering baby fat and tone up her semi flabby middle.  Just as Kendra reached her goal of sculpted abs, arms and legs, it was beach time with her handsome hubby.  Days before their adult only vacation,  she dropped the P bomb.  Kendra was 8 weeks preggers!  A surprise to say the least.  Best of all, she was super FIT entering her second pregnancy.  She maintained workouts twice a week up through the beginning of her third trimester.  And wouldn’t you know…7 weeks after the baby was born, Kendra was back in the gym.  Kendra is a go getter and as far as I can tell, in the best shape of her life!      

hospital kendra

The story below is a peek into one evening of Kendra’s world last week.  I had to share.

kendra e 

Last week, Kendra was on schedule and going on about her daily routine.  Upon finishing up her work/job/career as a vendor for Michael’s, she stopped to pick up her three children from day care.  

She drove straight to Papadeaux’s to celebrate her mom’s birthday and have a family dinner at 5:30pm.  Every mother on planet earth knows that 5:30pm is the “witching hour” for ALL children much less kids under the age of 5.  True to schedule, her babes were famished and irritable.  Her goal, was to get inside, get a table, get them situated and order bread or crackers to occupy and fill their hungry little bellies. 

While getting the infant out of the car seat, to Kendra’s horror, she realizes baby girl is soaked in poop from head to toe.  Unfortunately, the third row seat is stocked with new ceiling fans because aside from being a working mom and a physically FIT wife, she is also remodeling their new home.  With no where to change her daughter, she moves to the front seat forced to leave the door open with cold air coming in and baby girl howling.  

She manages the clean up and outfit change like a boss! She and three littles in tow finally arrive inside and seated just before 6pm.  (i’m already exhausted).  There she sits with three high chairs and no parents in sight.  Her folks arrive late and by that time her kids are almost fed and ready for the cake Kendra has dangled in promise to buy a little more time.  Before her parents are able to finish their meal, Kendra is ready to peace out.  The children scream for cake. Kendra quickly signals to the waiter to bring out the cake and sing the happy song,  Her parents ablige.  

Satisfied with their slice of cake…the kids get sugary high restless.  Time to go.  Kendra’s daddy helps her to the car.   It is then Kendra suddenly panics when she realizes she cannot put the infant in the car seat because of the poop massacre.  Quickly, she makes an executive decision to buckle the infant in the big girl car seat and strap her two year old in the front seat.  After all it’s only a two mile drive home.  

She arrives home safely and proceeds to bathe and bed down the three amigos for the night.  She makes a quick run to the garage to chuck the car seat in its entirety.  (must have been horrible) She cleans the morning breakfast dishes in the kitchen in preparation for the circus to begin again the next day.  By 8:45pm she is also bathed and in bed with a looming choice.  To shut her eyes and drift off to la la land or to turn on the television and get an update on the world going on around her.  She chooses sleep.  

All the while, Kendra’s hubby, who is extremely “hands on and fully engaged as a husband and daddy”, had a rare dinner appointment.  He was enjoying a nice uninterrupted evening over a steak dinner with wine.  Cheers!    

kendra and tysonMoral of the story: Life is all about seasons! 

  1. These kids will grow out of infancy and learn to control their bowels
  2. She will regain interest with the outside world and will get caught up on news worthy current events.
  3.  She will have time to read a book or magazine
  4. She and her hubby will take alone time beach trips 
  5. No matter how many things she has going, Kendra finds time to workout three days a week!!!!!!  You go girl.  Proud of you and your FIT physique!


If you want to know more about training during pregnancy or post pregnancy, leave a comment or send an email to angi@abercrombieandfitness.com  

Love, lift and get FIT!




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