Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I wake up in the morning feeling like…

I wake up in the morning feeling abundantly blessed

Make my way to the closet to change and get dressed

Quickly, I rush and brush at the sink.  

Eagerly anticipating my delightful warm drink

Coffee!!!!  Yeah I said it…COFFEE!  

In your face Wednesday…I got COFFEE!


Gaining momentum I’m in a smooth groove

Making baby girl’s breakfast catching up on the morning news

Lunch is made and the dog has been let out

Then I hear the call  the “Hey MOM” shout

COFFEE… YEAH baby I can handle anything  I got coffee No need to complain.. COFFEE


“Yes my sweet angel,”  I say with a smile

“Can you french braid my hair in a little while?”

We’re in  mid shuffle of our morning routine

I pause to soak in my precious TEEN

All the beds are made and her hair is perfectly quaffed

Load up, carpool time and the kids are off

Coffee…I need my second cup…coffee… yeah you know whats up Coffee

coffee lift

The sun is above the horizon and the day is looking bright

Time to go to work and it feels right

OK Ok truly it’s now happy hour time

Workout warriors come together to lift and grind

Gym life is isn’t easy we are not playing up in here

Toning muscle crushing calories through the atmosphere

Set 6 is a killer round but we finish strong

Legs and arms feel like jello but we sing a victory song

COFFEE..yeah boy you give me pep…Coffee.. yeah just want one more sip COFFEE

A protein bar is mandatory must fuel myself back up

grab my phone for an email check and warm up my cup 

Check the clock, cardio is essential

Play list is ready and Bruno Mars is setting the tempo

Coffee…I take my last full swig…COFFEE..Yo, you help me thru my daily gig…COFFEE!

Here’s to you my bold, tall dark drink of greatness.  

Love, rhyme and have a good time!  






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