Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Oscar challenge #6 (video)

Don’t cry…super star….it’s Friday!!!  And if you’re in Dallas, TX …it’s oddly BEAUTIFUL outside!  Go have some fun in the SUN!

Perhaps you are a bit tender in the back and shoulders from Wednesdays workout! Atta girl, way to power through it.  

This next workout is going to tug at your heart.  While burning your legs up, your heart is going to thump and elevate.  I’m excited for you to get after it.    Silence your phone.  Quiet on the set.  Plug in your favorite jams and turn it up!   Give an oscar winning performance on this workout!  You can rest when your dead…or on Saturday.  

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Workout #6

Workout #6

Get ups hold weight – 8 each side

feet up on bench push ups or TRX push ups

round world abs

bar weight – squat come half way up and lift (hike) leg 16 squats

plyo jacks or star plyo jacks

Chest fly’s (advanced use a stability ball)

flutter or scissor kicks for 1 minute (beginners 30 seconds) 

REPEAT 3-5 times





If you NAILED all three workouts this week…you deserve a treat.  Perhaps a little pedicure pampering?!?!  Take a load off doll face and get your mlatasahassage chair on at your local nail joint.  I go to the best in town  Polished and Winked by Latasha Gardner.  This girl is a nail and eyelash perfectionist.  I mean it, she doesn’t miss a spot and you will be overly satisfied with her work.  Latasha is a true nail artist!  She specializes in natural nails.  She does shellac and minx.  She has a buffet of colors and patterns to choose from. Latasha also offers eye lash extensions.  Call her today for an appointment if you’re in the area and in need of some YOU time.  1-940-465-8542 Latasha Gardner  Isn’t she just a doll!


Have a FITastic weekend 

Love, peace and cuticle grease!

Angi xo

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