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Oscar Challenge workout #5 (video)

Holy Hollwood workout warriors,  it’s already Wednesday. Can you believe it?

My weeks are whirling by at mach speed.  I’m talking fast and furious.  Speaking of speed…  I want you to plow through the following workout.  

Raise your arms up high and take a deep breath sweetie because you’re about to fire up your back, shoulders and core with this little tornado of toning.   Work smart and pay close attention to your form.  Keep your eye on the prize glam girl…afterall…

Your red carpet or _________(fill in the blank) AWAITS!


 ♥ Click below for motivational and instructional video by yours truly ♥                                              ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


Workout #5

jump ropes – invisible jump ropes for 1 minute

lawn mowers 15 reps of heavy weight 15 each arm

back lunges w a disk add a press  – 15 each side

mountain climbers – up and back is one rep  20 reps

pull downs or pull ups – 20 reps

Shoulder press – 15 reps

side plank roll ins – advanced place feet on the BOSU!  10 each side

repeat this 5 times

rest in between movements for only 15 seconds and 30=60 seconds between each set! 


beautiful arms and shoulders


On Monday I made a trip to the “beauty shop,” as my Mamaw would say. I had my hair done which really means, I got my roots did!  Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care!  Nothing comes between me and my hair appointment.  Thank you Lindsay and Tangerine Hair Salons.  I could literally be holding my head in my hand and I would still make it to the salon for a touch up!   There is nothing like fresh highlights or color to give a girl a boost!  Not counting, of course, an Abercrombie and FITness workout!     

What appointment is near and dear to you?   What piece of pampering will you emphatically not skip…even if your kids are sick or the sky is falling?   Don’t be ashamed!

Love, peace and sweaty hair grease!

Angi xo







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