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Oscar Challenge workout #7

It’s motivation Monday my “HOLLYwood Homies” and welcome back to WEEK THREE of my red carpet ready Oscar challenge.   I have put together another star quality workout so take your cue and finish strong.

cue card



Seated leg extension – heavy 20 reps

Chest Press with dumbbells – hold both weights at the top and drop one arm at a time for 10 reps

Jack knife abs – 30 reps

Side Squats add resistance band around legs or hold weights 15 squats on each leg 30 total

Wide leg Mountain Climbers – 20 each leg 40 total

Rack Pulls – to failure

Repeat these 6 movements 5 times


NOW…I fully realize that this Sunday is the Super Bowl. Bronco’s vs the Panthers. You may have big plans to hang out with friends at the local sports bar, attend a festive party or have folks over to your place.  Either way…here are my best tips for keeping your diet in the END ZONE!

1) Eat before you go or before your guests arrive. Before you leave for your get together make sure you EAT!  Even if you know food will be served at the party…it is always better to be SAFE than sorry.  Make yourself a BIG turkey or tuna sandwich with a lot of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado and whole grain bread.  EAT that sucker all up.  Fill up and drink lots of water.  Never go to a football watching party hungry.  

2) Grazing the party table…keep it in the green zone.  The deli veggie tray, nuts, popcorn and pretzel bowl are safe areas. Take a deli tray or a veggie tray so you can count on good snacking.  

3) Be careful with your drinks.  Watch your alcohol intake.  Alcohol can reduce your decision making qualities.  Alcohol can make you wonder over to the dessert table and gobble down some super cookies.  Valentines is around the corner so don’t blow it…your little black dress is waiting!

You’re welcome 


Angi  xo

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