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Oscar Challenge workout LUCKY #13 (video)

Don’t cry…it’s a lie…thirteen is not a bad number! Thirteen gets such a bad wrap.  Why is 13 so unlucky and at what point did 13 get it’s poor reputation?  

Man, the day I turned thirteen,  I was over the moon excited simply for the title of “TEENager.”  Thirteen was an official entitlement to which I held high. Thirteen isn’t unlucky at all as far as I’m concerned.      

Today, you are in LUCK because this workout is DYNO-MITE.  It’s worthy of your effort and every drop of sweat you pour out.  

You will slay the inner thighs and triceps and whittle your middle in the process.  Hey…it’s your lucky day!!!!

Workout #13

kettle bell swings (toes pointed out)

tricep push outs

push up pike

pile one foot elevated on bosu

side dips

up and over bosu 

Elbow to knee side abs

Repeat 13 times…it’s your LUCKY DAY!!!


You are two weeks away from the goal.  Feb 28th will mark 6 weeks of hard and diverse  workouts.  I want to hear about your red carpet ready progress.  Have you experienced weight loss or significant muscle tone?  I have noticed my core strength is much stronger and my bra strap back fat is less gooey!  Nothing unlucky about that!   

Love, luck and finish your ab tucks!!!! 

Angi xo



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