Bringing Sweaty Back

 Feeling off? Nature could be the culprit

Friends, I want you to please be mindful that our bodies are acutely aware of all outside surroundings.  Dust, pollen, dirt, gravity, climate changes and other naturalistic forces that we cannot control.  Gravity… wowza…I’m fighting back the strong temptation to take a side bar and complete a full throttle rant on GRAVITY that would be Tony the tiger GRREAT. For now, i’ll pull back and save it  for another post.  

Anyway…it’s highly possible that on those days that “you just don’t feel quite right” those days that “you just can’t put your finger on why you feel askew,” the answer just might be NATURE!

Allergies seem to be effecting all of my friends and family in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.  All of my clients and friends seem to be walking around with red blood shot eyes and snotty noses. Apparently it’s the mountain cedar blowing around that’s dragging us all down.  I hear that grass is also high.  (No pun intended)  AHHaa ha, I crack myself up.  

Mr. Chicken Fry looked at me a few days ago and said, “babe, you look stoned.”  Wow, thanks big guy, you really know how to sweet talk a girl!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t argue because I felt like I had blades of glass in my eye balls.  They went from itching like crazy to hurting like heck. My congested head has been pounding and I could hardly hear. I was a mess.   

Make it stop.

Do you ever forget how to care for yourself?  Or maybe you forget what works for you?  It’s like I temporarily revert to a wind up doll phase and k rep running into the wall over and over again. It’s hard to snap out of it.  When you’re operating regularly and going on about your day but really, you aren’t operating at full capacity.  Does that make sense?

After three weeks of suffering, and looking into the mirror and not recognizing my swollen reflection,  I called our family doctor.  Doc suggested a steroid shot!  YESS YESSSS, why didn’t I think of that?  I have and the shot before and it worked like a charm. This vile of goodness always rescues my allergies.  When I exhaust all of the other methods and reach the “NOTHING Is HELPING or WORKING” phase, the little surrenge of fluid is the answer to my foggy brain.  In less than 24 hours, it took the red out of my eyes and the purple pockets of fluid from my face.  I even gained a little pep in my step. What a miracle.

So, if you feel off.  If your head hurts and you feel funny or you’re overly hungry,  lethargic and down right unenergized you might be suffering with allergies.   The over the counter meds like Zyrtec, Allegra and Flonaese can help manage symptoms.  However, you may reach a point where the grass, juniper, and ragweed boss you around and you need to fight back with something stronger.  Thankfully I was a candidate for the steroid.

So…listen to your bodies people.  Dallas, Texas friends, we have not experienced a cold enough winter to kill off all of our attackers.  Be bold, be diligent and fight the good fight.   

Love, clear mind and kick allergies in the B-hind!

Angi xo

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