I don't cook, Muscles and Mascara


One of the country's most threatening issues is the growing APPETIZER epidemic! Appetizers are totally out of control and proportion.  Holy smokes,  I'm not even kidding right now and please don't try to act like you don't know what I'm talking about. If you have been to a restaurant in the past four weeks you… Continue reading Appetizer

I don't cook

Mindful Grubbing 

Today I'm held captive to staccato laughter and must begin with small side bar.  I was derailed from naming this blog post Mindful Munching because something in my goofy spirit and my girly snickering just couldn't allow it. I literally couldn't even write the first few sentences without COL, cackling out loud.  (take that teenagers)  I kept typing… Continue reading Mindful Grubbing 

Bringing Sweaty Back

 Feeling off? Nature could be the culprit

Friends, I want you to please be mindful that our bodies are acutely aware of all outside surroundings.  Dust, pollen, dirt, gravity, climate changes and other naturalistic forces that we cannot control.  Gravity... wowza...I'm fighting back the strong temptation to take a side bar and complete a full throttle rant on GRAVITY that would be Tony… Continue reading  Feeling off? Nature could be the culprit