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Oscar challenge workout #17 (video)

Hey hay hey…it’s HUMP DAY!

I almost have my full pep back.  Every day my energy is increasing along with my standards for workouts. What that means is…no more baby steps, no more spoon feeding.  This is the end of the challenge and I want exactly that…for you to feel CHALLENGED. 

workouts = discomfort

My agenda for this blog is to contribute inexhaustible resources for your health.  My plan for the 6 week challenge was to lavish you with 18 amazing, coerced workouts.  It is my bright idea that you will rehearse the workouts week after week. Use them, abuse them and share them with your friends or enemies for that matter.    

I poured a lot of love into every single tactically designed movement.  My method, some call it madness, is to mix it up, play with different weights and work all muscle groups. If you are honest with yourself and you complete the number of sets that I recommend, these workouts should not bore you to tears…if they do, I should be ashamed.   The opposite should be true, these killer total body workouts should take you out of your comfort zone and into an interrogation room.  Each workout should question just how far YOU CAN and are willing to push your body. With that said, I give you workout number seventeen.

Please click on the link below to see the instructional video! 



push up feet on bench single arm fly 8 each side 16 total reps

jump squats 20

squat row in while in the squat 15 heavy

push up cross over on the body – 10 each side 20 total push ups

TRX push up – fly – 8 reps 16 total

sit up hands arms by  pour hear and touch the floor on each side 24 total12 each side alternating

step ups – extra heavy weights 5 each side

repeat this set 8 times

Plow thru this with strength and a mind full of ‘I CAN” and “I WILL”

Finish line is close.


Love, FIT, and don’t quit!!!!! Yes, I’m talking to you! 

Angi xo




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