Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Obsessed (video)

Good Monday morning everyone.  YAWN... What's on your agenda this week?  I'm super pumped and excited for Tuesday because I have a breakfast schedule with my long time friend and mentor Larry North.  I'm going to take a tour of his new eclectic state of the art gym in Preston Center. Y'all, updating/ revamping my… Continue reading Obsessed (video)

Bringing Sweaty Back

 Feeling off? Nature could be the culprit

Friends, I want you to please be mindful that our bodies are acutely aware of all outside surroundings.  Dust, pollen, dirt, gravity, climate changes and other naturalistic forces that we cannot control.  Gravity... wowza...I'm fighting back the strong temptation to take a side bar and complete a full throttle rant on GRAVITY that would be Tony… Continue reading  Feeling off? Nature could be the culprit