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SWEET 16 week 6 Oscar Challenge (video) 

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!  Only three more workouts to WRAP UP our 6 week red carpet ready challenge.  Who is still in it to win it?

This Sunday is the film industry’s biggest night, The 2016 Academy Awards. It’s basically  movie fanatics Superbowl Sunday.  A tradition of glitz and glam from hollywood’s best.

In case you have been out of the loop, I have been preparing 3 workouts a week for the last 6 weeks called the Abercrombie & FITness Oscar red carpet ready challenge.  As many A-list celebrities began their 6 week slim down, tone and glam up for the big event, I thought it was only FITting that we join in on the fun. This challenge was simply a creative experience for anyone who wanted to lose weight, tone up or get a head start on their spring physique.   Why not aim for the STARS…lol

Naturally, I’m just a wanna be star and fan of the motion picture industry. l can assure you that I will be no where near a red carpet for celebrity sightings this Sunday evening.  My date with Oscar will look something like this; my best pair of pajamas curled up in the bean bag in my media room, dim lights with wine and popcorn. Knowing full well that underneath my comfy pj pants is a rock hard body that will soon emerge when the crazy Texas weather heats up.

Today is SWEET number 16.  Lights, camera, Hamstrings…

Click here for instructional and motivational video > Sweet 16 workout video

Workout #16

Hamstring curl 16 reps – heavy weight (seated or lying down) 

Single Leg deadlifts – 16 each side 

mountain climbers  – using the TRX training straps 

TRX  – bicep curls 20 reps

TRX ham string curls – 30 reps

V ups – 16 reps

Repeat 8 rounds

Now, just as the actors prepare for their big night, make sure that after your works you rest, fuel up and drink tons of water.  

Love, nuts and eat a bunch!




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