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Best of 2017: no equipment required

Enough with the bon bons and cookies. Enough with chips and tamales. I feel bloated and blah. It's been raining and all I've been capable of is eating, internet surfing and reaching for the remote. When it's cold and clammy out its hard to get motivated. However... I managed to pull out a sliver of… Continue reading Best of 2017: no equipment required

Bringing Sweaty Back


I assure you this is not my best look but it's for dang sure the face I make when I have to do something narley!  This is a defiled story.  One of scum, muck and DIY clean up. Last Friday I tore it up on the cleaning front.  My training studio needed a little wax… Continue reading Filter

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The weight is over

How's life treating you?  Better yet, how are you FITness goals lining up? Are you ready for real lasting change? If the answer is yes,  you've  come to the right place because I have a sweet deal for you.  I'm feeling the frisky February love and I think you should get in on the action.  I… Continue reading The weight is over

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Elevate Good Times (videos)

Elevate good times come on!  There's a party going on in the gym, a sweat session to tone and sculpt your limbs!  So bring your tennis shoes and and a positive attitude, Let me work you out and help you lose weight too!  Come on now!  I have some tips to make your "SWEEP" spots… Continue reading Elevate Good Times (videos)

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The Chase (videos included)

Is life really all about "the chase"?  That familiar endorphin rush that passes on from generation to generation and stands the test of time.  The chase is older than dirt and right up there with "mud-slinging".   Right?  I mean, playing games and pursuit of a challenge is not a new novel idea. You're thinking,… Continue reading The Chase (videos included)

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos, Muscles and Mascara

Making a Sweep

There is just something wonderful about a sleek sweep.  That sultry pronounced curve on the backside of the leg just below the knee.  Surly you have seen it before, maybe in a magazine or on a really FIT human being.  I'm talking about the precious little crook underneath the back of the knee called the… Continue reading Making a Sweep

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos


YOU are the STAR... in the biggest boldest TRUE reality blockbuster role of your life!  What's more, your kids and family have front row cushy reclining theatre seats to the big show. click below for a special, DEEP, message from your trainer ⇓⇓⇓⇓ You are a STAR! How are you living out each scene?  If… Continue reading SHOWTIME

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos

Oscar challenge workout #17 (video)

Hey hay's HUMP DAY! I almost have my full pep back.  Every day my energy is increasing along with my standards for workouts. What that means more baby steps, no more spoon feeding.  This is the end of the challenge and I want exactly that...for you to feel CHALLENGED.  workouts = discomfort My… Continue reading Oscar challenge workout #17 (video)

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos

Oscar Challenge workout LUCKY #13 (video)

Don't's a lie...thirteen is not a bad number! Thirteen gets such a bad wrap.  Why is 13 so unlucky and at what point did 13 get it's poor reputation?   Man, the day I turned thirteen,  I was over the moon excited simply for the title of "TEENager."  Thirteen was an official entitlement to… Continue reading Oscar Challenge workout LUCKY #13 (video)

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos

 Midweek calorie crushers

Workout warrior,  I have some advanced exercises for you to try.  This isn't your greasy grannie's workout, ok!  These are "Grade A" moves.  Get as much bang out of your workout as possible!  Spend that dedicated time wisely and train two or three or why not four, muscles groups at a time.  Ready, set, go! … Continue reading  Midweek calorie crushers