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Lean streak 

CONFESSION:  I quit drinking alcohol during the week days, approximately 12 weeks ago.  Beginning December 1st I stopped drinking alcohol, for me that is wine and champagne, Sunday through Thursday.  I fully realize that December was not an “ideal” time to start a cold turkey experiment due to the seasonal festivities surrounding Christmas and the new year.  But, I did it!  A sweet friend inspired me and I’m so thankful for her encouragement.

CONFESSION 2:  I consumed alcohol the week of my planned vacation which was December 24 – January 2nd.  And therefore I do not count this week apart of my 12 week progress.

In my twenties and on into my late thirties,  I use to pride myself on the fact that I DID NOT drink alcohol during the week.  One reason I didn’t was because I was afraid that I might puke during my workout session with my trainer the next morning.  Secondly, I had a very young infant/child I was mothering and for the first three years I was up at the crack of crazy and alcohol was simply NOT an option. Thirdly, it didn’t make sense to be consuming empty calories, even if I could,  when I paid top dollar for a trainer and basically be “X”ing out my workout for wine.  DUH! It didn’t make sense to me.

Somewhere around 37 years of age my baby girl became less needy in the middle of the night and adult stress somehow creeps in.  One day, I poured a glass of wine at dinner and so it began.  Even if it was just a glass or two it became a ritualistic part of my nightly routine.  THE END.

Until December 1st 2015.

What I have experienced in these 12 weeks has been dramatic. I call it a LEAN STREAK!

  1.  BLOAT BE GONE – My 5-8 pound bloat that I had completely become unaware I was carrying around VANISHED!  I got my lean mean 20 year old body back!  It took about 2 weeks and suddenly there it was.  Like an old glove it felt so AWESOME!  I was not feeling the yuckyness around my waist, arms and legs.   
  2. CRASH-LESS – Without wine I could actually stay up until the 10 o’clock news.  I was not carelessly crashing at 8pm.  Say I drank a glass of wine at 6pm while attempting to cook, then another with my meal at 7pm, folks by 8pm I was toast.  Loosy, goosey  and felt like doing nothing.  Now,  without the wine, I have more energy at night and can choose to be productive during those hours when I was crashing or simply rest without crashing out hard and fast.
    1. Side bar on this one.  I can drive an evening carpool without feeling guilty that I had wine with dinner. I don’t always have to be the parent who takes, I can gladly be the pick up parent with a clear conscious.
  3. CLEAR AS A BELL.  No more cotton mouth!! And, I wake up clear minded and clear thinking.  My mornings run so smoother because there is no wine brain fog.  I’m way less crabby to family and to myself in the morning hours.  I also sleep harder and less disrupted.  It’s fantastic.
  4. MONEY MONEY MONEY!  I’m saving some some serious dough people! Alcohol is expensive even if you drink the cheap stuff. It adds up week after week. My grocery bill is significantly less and it’s crazy to me that I never even thought about it before now. My wallet is fuller and my waist line is slimmer…that my smart friend is what we call a win win! 
  5. HANDS UP FOR THE WEEKEND  I’m more mindful on Friday and Saturday nights regarding the amount of wine I choose to consume.  I truly try to limit myself and drink water during and in-between glasses of bubbly.  I certainly don’t want to feel icky and hungover or bad ever again.  I don’t want to jack up my FIT lean streak!!!!  

Moderation & Balance

The truth is…I’m more empowered and aware that ANYONE is capable of changing a bad habit or crawling out of a crappy rut. Doing this in December was actually a blessing because I had so many options of things to do to occupy my time during those first two weeks.  Instead of popping open a bottle of bubbly, I went christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, watching Christmas shows, give the dog a bath, clean out a drawer or closet or give your spouse or child a massage!

If your thinking about changing a habit such as drinking or mindless evening snacking…I would love to help you. Start your LEAN STEAK today!

LMK and I will pass on the things that worked for me.

Love, bubbles and stay out of trouble



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