Bringing Sweaty Back


Anyone ever fallen on or off of a treadmill? Despite the external warranted physical pain, the public humiliation factor is treadful!  

Years before You Tube and social media, I jumped off a treadmill at the local YMCA to greet and hug an old friend. In my excitement I failed to hit pause or stop on the treadmill. Several minutes later I returned to step back onto the treadmill and to my horror, it was still moving at rate of 7.5 mph. Like I said, this was decades before camera phones otherwise I’m certain my clutzy fall would have gone viral.

jillian2newMy entire body smacked down forward onto the spinning rubber belt extremely hard. It happened fast and I had no time to react or semi brace for the fall. I was flung down onto the ground where I sat dazed in undeniable pain.  Whoa, what just happened?  How did this happen?   

I fought the urge to examine my knees because I was positive I’d see torn flesh and bone.  Had I fractured a rib too?  Ought, OH…here come the water works.  I felt giant alligator tears bubbling up from within due to the immense pain I was experiencing in multiple areas of my body!  By now, I’m acutely aware of my friend who is eye squirt laughing like a cartoon character. My head, did I hit my head?  I’m rattled but mostly afraid I can’t walk because my knees and shin are throbbing!  A nano second ago I was fine, what just happened?  I glance down at my shin and it is filleted open.  My hands, knees and elbows are scraped up and burning from the belt of the treadmill which is still running at full speed. My friend remains cackling at loud decibel and turns the treadmill off!  I’m seriously dying and she doesn’t seem to care. She obviously can’t see my tears because she’s laughing so hard.  Miss smarty pants begins to reenact my mortifying accident as if I didn’t just live it. (Eye roll).  Finally, she attempts to help me up! Holy cow did she just grab my wrist? Stinger!  

“Ouch!  No, I cant get up yet.”I manage to muttle because I’m quietly sobbing.  “That was a doozie,” I say in a shaky voice. She keeps laughing. My pulsating extremities are begging for help! ” I’m really hurting,” I repeat.  “I’m not kidding around”!  Now a bit more apologetic but still snickering she does her best to help me off the gym floor.  

She assist me to a standing position while spontaneously busting out in laughter. So glad That my fall will have entertained her for the rest of her life!   I’m now somewhat giggling with her primarily from embarrassment but mainly pain! I taste salty tears and feel them drip from my chin.   I also notice blood dripping from my shin. By now others have gathered to help and someone thankfully hands me a bag of ice!  


I’m laughing and crying at this point but still nervous and slow moving.  My face was bright red and my once sweaty body is now cold. There is attention from spectators and now my feelings are hurt!  People begin making polite jokes about this graceful fall and I want to go home.  These people don’t realize that I’m smiling but my body feels battered and bruised. 

The good news was I hadn’t broken any bones. Thankful that I only had a lightly sprained wrist and a few bumps and scrapes but nothing severe.  

Tread carefully my friends.  The gym can be a dangerous place. 🙈

What’s your gym story? 

Love, grub and soak in the tub!  

Angi xo 

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