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Genetically Blessed

This is what you call a MamaLou selfie, aka a selfie with my GRAND mother.  I had the pleasure of celebrating her 94th birthday yesterday afternoon.  Lou Ella Anderson is one sharp and amazing cookie.  At 94 she is basically lives alone and is perfectly self-sufficient.   Get this, yesterday she woke up,  enjoyed a cup of coffee followed by a bite to eat.  She proceeded to get all dolled up in her Sunday best, drove her prissy little self to church so she could praise Jesus.  Can you barely stand it…I wanna be her when I grow up.



Our family gathered to honor her with the traditional festivities including ice cream, cake, laughter and presents. We spent the better half of the afternoon doting on her with multiple hugs, kisses and candid off color remarks.  We jokingly encourage each other as we pry her sharp mind for possible confidential family secrets.  Sadly, she didn’t offer up any perverse or disturbing gossip this time. Lou Ella birthed 4 children and gained 1 son  in law and 3 daughter in-laws. She has 9 grand children and 10 great grands. How fun is that!



 MamaLou lost her precious hubby of 70 plus years, my grandfather, aka Hoppy, three years ago.  He passed at 94 years old. I told ya I have good genes.


What is her secret?

My grandmother is native American Cherokee Indian which explains her thick brown skin. I’m 100 percent certain that I can thank her for my semi olive, quick to tan skin.  It is also my opinion that her indian heritage plays a significant role in her long life because it certainly wasn’t exercise and clean eating.  Now, this may sound ugly and I don’t mean it to be harsh it’s just the truth.  Please allow me to explain.  My grand mother basically grew up working out (working) and eating organic food before the term “organic” food was an actual thing.  It was called poor, farm land living.  Y’all, Lou Ella grew up picking cotton in the fields with her bare hands so I guess you could say she was a cotton picker!


 While she may have been eating fried vegetables and meats, her entire life, most of the time it was farm fresh quality!  To this day, she may fry up fresh okra, potatoes, onions and salmon patties soaked in bacon grease in an iron skillet but hey, it’s fresh and that’s what I call an honest balance.  Secondly, Mama Lou isn’t an over eater.  She cooks, she makes a plate of food and she moves on.  And while she may have not exercised per say, she was volunteering in the schools, planting in her garden, working in the yard, cleaning, cooking, working in the home and being active in many ways.  Once again…living a balanced active life.   To this day, Mama Lou enjoys learning which keeps her mind occupied and firing on all cylinders.




Every time we have a visit I have an awesome take away because she gingerly speaks truth and wisdom into my life.  She is so sweet and articulate and appreciated the humor in life.  She instinctively pin points and understands my position because after all, she has experienced it all.  From almost every aspect of life, marriage, family, career,  kids, finances, etc…she gets it.  Through each and every circumstance she has faced it all with humble consistentl character.  She is a rock solid woman of great faith.



I’m proud to be her grand-daughter.  I have a deep respect for generational ties and hope to pass it on to my baby girl.

So again, Happy Birthday Mama Lou and wishing you as many more as God will allow. Thank you for  passing down all of your dominate and recessive genetics and wisdom. I love you.


 Love, peace and bring on the bacon grease!

Angi xo

One small ps…I guess I should mention that this is my grandmother on my dad’s side. I’m equally blessed with another living grandmother who is 89 years old and still ticking. Told ya, genetically blessed! 

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