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10 minutes…my abzzz!

No one, I mean not one single person is getting a chiseled mid section with just ten minutes of ab work!  Any person on the planet with hard-core ripped abs will tell you that they didn’t earn their tight abs by simply doing 10 minutes of ab exercises a day!  I hate to bust your bubble babe, but it isn’t going to happen.

The gimmick of ten minute abs is a result of the microwave culture that surrounds our way of life. We are accustomed to high-speed everything and it’s not our fault.  We can’t help that we are one click away from almost anything.  We are living fast paced “in an instant” and advertisers speak directly to what we know and WANT to hear and NOT to what really works.  In other words, we are programmed to want it now and hurry up already!

In my opinion, no one is sporting a beautiful six-pack from only 10 minutes a day of ab work unless…

This is a ginormous UNLESSunless this fictious person is rigid and double dog disciplined with their diet and cardio sessions.  Period!  And…even then the term “rock hard” abs might be a stretch.

Let’s say another fictious friend vows to do 5 simple ab exercises 10 minutes a day for the next 6 or 8 weeks and make NO change in their diet or excercise…honey bun, they can forget about it.  Assuming our friend doesn’t eat a decently healthy diet and does not workout….they can just kiss the 10 min ab promise goodbye!

BUT…and this is an overwhelming BIG BUT…don’t lose hope, there is always hope, never lose hope.

If YOU were to do 5 simple ab exercises 10 minutes a day for 6 or 8 weeks AND make good healthy eating choices AND incorporate cardio into the mix, I PROMISE,  you will see a result!  I didn’t say a rock hard results but what I’m saying is RESULTS that you will actually see and feel!  The type of results that promote FITmentum  and FITmentum 2.  

Now, please don’t mistake my words.  I sincerely believe that ten minutes of any type of workout is better than nothing, BUT I don’t believe it’s the key to a FIT physique. Better yet I’m walking talking proof it takes weekly discipline primarily in the kitchen.img_7949

Ten minutes of activity drilled down tight on one specific area of the body over time will produce change.  Incorporate weights into this ten minute ab routine and you could be off to the races.  Lifting weights burns fat and burning fat produces lean mean muscles. Period.  I work hard to maintain my (sometimes visible) 4 pack.    


But honestly girls, I gotta tell ya, you should really tack on 20 more or even 45 more minutes coupled with some killer compound exercises and you will crush twice the calories and chisel the entire body!  No brainier!

6 pack abs are really mostly what you put in your mouth.  (sorry ten minute abs)  60% diet and 40% exercise. Check out this post on 6 Pack ABS.

When you think of speedy results, you logistically need to process in terms of 30 to 45 minutes of workout time three to four times a week.  Plain and simple.  And please do me a favor, spare me the “I don’t have time to workout”schpeal.  In this day and age we can multi task till our heads spin!

Stay tuned for my next piece involving how to manage time.  Making time and using in wisely!  


 Until then,

Love, peace and 40 min workouts please!!!





PS REST in Peace sweet funky PRINCE!


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