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Squeezy Breezy

Mr. Chicken Fry and I were invited to attend the Children’s Cancer Fund Gala in Dallas. It was a star-studded Friday night and an evening to remember. Don’t be jealous, but I was rubbing elbows with sports legend Roger Staubach and his lovely wife Mary Ann.  

Allow me to lead this post with the unimportant frivolous female frantics I experienced leading up to Friday night.   I have known about this special event for at least six weeks and I invested some serious time and energy in searching/ shopping for something new and fab to wear (It’s a girl thang). After several failed purchases and returns, I luckily landed this fancy little number a week before the party (Score).  Although the dress was a wee bit snug, (help me sweet baby Jesus) I was positive I could starve or live on nuts and berries for the week if necessary.  Not really, but I did think about wiring my mouth shut a few times. Lol (Yes, I know better!)

Girls, let me just tell you…this dress is amazing in every way but my goodness it was like carrying around a weighted vest all night. It’s HEAVY. I think it might weigh approximately 6 pounds on its own. (maybe more) It’s a thick bandage material and one side is covered with sparkly gold and white beads. I was 100 percent willing to wear it despite its fleshy weight because it fit like a glove and…I have the moves like Jagger!   Thank you Herve Ledger! 

I maintain a fairly regimented healthy eating plan week after week but when the pressure is on for a special occasion, I get serious and lay it on thick. By thick I mean I tighten up my diet and drill down on my workouts.  I went on a 10 day push of uncommonly high protein and strict low carb diet. (I’m a closet controlled carbolic so this was hard for me).  Instead of my usual go to pretzel pack, I ate watermelon, celery, nuts, eggs, tuna and turkey. I cut out rice completely, sigh.  (Almost killed me) My only carbohydrate was kale and a nightly a cup of Special K with berries and skim milk.  I’m never giving that up)   

 The clean diet in conjunction with muscle specific workouts and cardio sessions gave me an ultra lean tight physique and I felt amazing.  

Second stop,  the make up counter!   

 I made an appointment at the Chanel counter with an amazing local makeup artist.  Andrea gives a girl a little pep in her step by highlighting, shading and contouring the face.  She adds an immediate glam factor with her eyebrow expertise. And sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else do the work.  Thank you Andrea! 

Now if you read my post regularly you already know that this hair was nothing short of  a total miracle.   Granted I put in some extra time , tons of teasing and a half a bottle of hair spray!   My skinny hair held the curl and came through the in the clutch.  (What a relief) 
I was so blessed to have attended this event, previously a luncheon, which honors victims and survivors of pediatric cancer. This year, my sweet friend Giora Barker co-chaired the event and was introduced with her son Jack who was diagnosed with leukemia 7 years ago.  Thankfully Jack is in remission and living a healthy full life. Praise God. 

We were off to the Wizard of Oz.  The Emerald City was the theme of this years festivities which began with a silent auction followed by dinner, a fashion show, live auction and dancing. 


It takes courage to live and fight cancer!  These kids are amazing in every way .  Seriously, these precious children have more strength in their pinky then I do in my whole body!  

Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach hosted the evening with pure class.  Clarice Tinsley was the MC and she introduced every child and their escorts which included Dallas Cowboys players, the bachelor, the new Texas Tech head coach Kliff, Kingsbury, my friend, client and the reigning Miss Texas Shannon Sanderford and our friend Scott Murray.  


The evening was a huge success and I pray that sooner than later a cure will be found and end this dreadful disease once and for all.

 I may never be able to squeeze into his dress again but it was fun while it lasted!  

Love, peace and cure cancer please! 

Angi xo


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