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The FITting room / Bikini Edition 

My dear friend Julie Freeman, owner of Suit Yourself On The Go, has been my designer swimwear connection for 15 years! She has impeccable taste and an eye for style and the female body. She has been successfully selling lingerie and swimwear for over 20 years.

Julie brings the boutique to you! She has an on the go set up that you would not believe.    You host the event or party and Julie brings the goodies to you!  Similar to a trunk show style, she arranges resort wear, accessories, and shoes in your home, business, country club or pool side event. All shapes and sizes are welcome because she has thousands (literally) of suits to choose from. Mix and match away.  This is a custom off the rack experience baby dolls!

Racks and racks and large buckets of sale or new swim wear, cover ups, pajamas, panties, bras, flip-flops beach bags and more! Clearance suits from 30% to 50% off!  Each suit may offer 4 different styles such as high-rise, one piece, bandeau or triangle top, criss cross,   full coverage or brazilian.   She carries a variety of brands such as Luli Fama,  Maaji, Lucky brand, Betsy Johnson, Becca, Sofia, VIX, Sea Folly, La Blanc, Savage, Solkissed, Trina Turk, and L Space.  Check Julie Freeman out on Facebook by clicking here ⇒Suit Yourself on The Go Facebook Page!  

These are some of my attempts at finding the perfect, bathin suit, bikini, kid appropriate, fun, cute, stylish, swim suit for  Summer 2016!   Aiee ya Yiee…43 years old and swim suit shopping is like taking a bullet graze to the knee cap…your never really ready and it comes outta know where.  I have a boy like, linear high-waisted muscular physique.  I have a broad back and high rib cage so an off the rack swim suit doesn’t work for me.       

This was a sporty/sexy kind of suit. I chose it because it is a 2FER.  I go nuts for a good two for one reversible.  Pattered with green, blue and white print on one side and a solid light turquoise on the other.

My tan really pops in this red-hot number by Luli Fama!  The straps are designed really cool and soft so it doesn’t rub or irritate your neck.  I’m still a bit apprehensive about the tassel bottoms??  Not sure if it’s too youthful or too old lady?  Or do I look like a professional ice skater, or belly dancer?  HMM??  Will definitely have to get Mr. Chicken Fry’s approval on this one.  😘‼️


Fringe is everywhere girls.  Purses, cute tops, and apparently bathin suits!!!!  I kept hearing Julie repeat, “fringe is really big this season,”  but truthfully,  I feel like I should be in a drill team kick line or showing quarter horses.  WHAT? ??   And good gosh, what will my tan lines look like?  I do like it, it’s super cute but again, I’m not sure if it’s too 20 something for me?  Where is Mr. Chicken Fry when you need him??


I found me another 2 in one! Hands in the air for the 2Fer!   This pretty purple bikini switches into a dazzling light gold! I go crazy for all things GOLD!!   Love this so much…but these bottoms are bitsy like ettie bittie!  Hmm I definately need some mo coverage.  I will pick a different style bottom and this baby is going home with me!

How much do we adore these precious floral and tassled shorts!!  Also by Luli Fama. These are silky and fun!  Ok ok I’ll get them! 20 something or not…I’m going for it!

This suit takes it retro for me!  A swing back to the 80’s!  It highly possible I had a swim suit in the 8th grade very similar.   It’s easy, comfy and plenty of coverage.  It also has adjustable straps to hoist the lady bits into position.

I’m not a big mix match kind of girl.  Let me be clear, I mix and match sizes and styles but I have never worn a pink bottom and a white top.  Call me crazy but I usually match from top to bottom.  However, my baby girl keeps saying that matchy match is not the current t rend. Well excuse me little Miss Bathin suit breath.  Ok…I’ll give it a try.   These bottoms go both ways and I paired it with a top already in my drawer…from Suit Yourself of course.!  I could also pair this with a black, blue, coral or purple!!!   Go me?!?  Mr. Chicken Fry also comes from the old matchy match school so it will be interesting to hear his response.



Don’t ever let anyone tell you that lighting isn’t a vital part of taking a good picture.  I honestly can’t believe that I’m sharing some of these?!?!  Tyring to keep it real and transparent up in here.  #nofilter  #nomakeup #sweatyworkouthair #baseballcap

Where in the world were my sunglasses?  DUH!!!  I need some serious pointers from my best girl over at HI SUGARPLUM!  My fashion inspiration and mentor!   

So whether you need resort wear, lake attire, pool party suits or comfy flip-flops and PJ’s make Julie your hook up.  She’s the swimsuit girl!  Call her today if your interested in hosting your own swimsuit party in the DFW  metroplex. Or Join me on Wednesday June 8th from 10-2pm or 4-6pm for a swimsuit extravaganza. 

 Love, be and suit yourself!!!!

Angi xo

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