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Making a Sweep

There is just something wonderful about a sleek sweep.  That sultry pronounced curve on the backside of the leg just below the knee.  Surly you have seen it before, maybe in a magazine or on a really FIT human being.  I’m talking about the precious little crook underneath the back of the knee called the hamstring.   This muscle is bold and radiant when worked to max capacity.

Ladies I wish I could flood you with photos of my bulging hamstrings but I don’t have any to show.  (I will NOT give up)  I also wish I could tell you that the contoured sweep is easy to obtain. (it’s tougher than nails but we won’t give up)  A beautiful hamstring takes discipline and training to make the swerve. (and we will reach the finish line) Even the most genetically blessed female with a natural muscular structure have to earn the defined sweep.

My starting striation – By gosh, it will get better!

The hamstrings live up to their title “HAM” string.  They are desperate to be the center of attention.  What do you say we give them a show?  Let’s unveil and raise the curtain   our pant leg and free these babies up. 

Ham it up with these four functional exercises.

Dead Lifts 

Lots and lots of deadlifts.  There are several variations of the dreaded deadlift and you must use all of them.  Below, I’m demonstrating a standard barbell deadlift.  WARNING: using proper form on these bad boys is imperative. If you are not super careful you can really jack up your back. You also don’t want to pull or strain your pretty little hamstring.

I have a special technique to my deadlift.  My tip is to mentally screw the heels into the ground and keep the hips and buttocks pushed out.  Always maintain a slight bend in the knees so that hyperextension doesn’t occur. I really exaggerate and stick my derriere out, lifting through the chest and rolling my shoulders back.  I stay relaxed through the upper body.   Slowly hinging at the waist, I come down until I’m an inch away from the ankle.  Then slowly I pull up though the back of my leg…heels still locked into position.

Hamstring Roll outs with a ball

This exercise doesn’t look like much but I promise it will fire up your hamstrings by rep 3.  Lie flat on the ground and put your feel onto the exercise ball.  Press your hands into the ground and slowly lift your hips off of the ground.  Carefully and steadily roll the ball in towards your body then back out again.  Shoot for 3 rounds of 25 or 30 reps.  I want my hamstrings to be a FIREBALL!!!

Hamstring Curl

The Hamstring curl machine can be found in all gyms.  Sometimes you might find a seated style of the hamstring curl.  In this case I’m using a decline hamstring curl.  This machine allows me to add or decrease with weight.  This is a very isolated motion and as you increase weight your hamstrings get stronger.  Work your way up slowly.  Grow your hamstrings lean and strong!

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are effective because this movement gets way up into the top part of the hamstring.  Now ladies, I already know that this is your favorite motion so I’m sure you will be great at these.  The thrust reaches way up there to create the top part of the sweep.  You can do these with two feet or one foot at a time.  For advanced movement, place one foot/heel up on a bench or elevated surface.  I’m using a BOSU Balance Trainer .  Lie back and lift your hips off the ground creating pressure on the back of the hamstring and glute. As you get more comfortable with this motions, you can add weight.  Hold a dumbbell across your pelvis while performing 20-40 reps times 3 sets.  WARNING: Don’t let your hubby catch you doing these…you’re liable to get more than you bargained for…lol!!!

These targeted exercises will hit the sweep spot.  Watch your hamstrings grow and build the sweep of your dreams.


Love peace and make the sweep!   

Angi xo

Do you have any exercises you especially love for the hamstring?  Share with a girl.  I’m working on building my sweep. 

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