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Socks matter 

Who knew?

I’m apparently way late to the SOCK party!  I never got the “socks matter” memo!

Confession…I’m 43 years old and never really believed that quality brand socks made a single difference.  I also confess that I been hurting myself and those closest to me.  I fully admit I have been WRONG!!!

Hello Feetures and where have you been all of my natural-born life???

Truthfully, until now, I really never gave socks more than a minute of my attention. I  mean I realize that I wear socks everyday but I never seriously considered socks to be a  quality discussion topic.

I’m the girl who purchases a bag of socks maybe twice a year.  I typically buy in bulk from Dicks, Academy or Cost Co.  I inherently wear my socks until holes appear or I don’t have any more matches.  I’m positive my dryer eats one sock every 5 loads of laundry.  Either that or we have a sock thief.

If I dig deep enough, I guess somewhere in the back part of my mind I knew.  Ok I knew!  I knew that the crappy cheap socks I was buying in bulk would immediately shrink to what only would fit a polly pocket  or Barbie but I still wore them.  Yes, I suffered.  Yes, I muttled through the painful bitter blisters.  I thought that this was a thing that we all silently repressed. Ok I’m a total cheap loser but I have seen light!!!   FEETures  thank you for saving me! 


Below you will see a picture of me before FEETURES!  The pic on the left.  My socks slipped down faster than a prom dress.  OHHH  that was a terrible terrible and bad joke.  But seriously…I had to pull the heel of my sock up about 18 trillion times a day or more.

Not ever again.  Prepare to be one with your sock.  Each pair of Feetures has a power arch delivering targeted compression where you need it most.  These unforgettable socks are anatomically designed to enhance fit and deliver maximum comfort and protection.

If you want the Cadillac of cushion these socks are going to rock your world.

~ angi abercrombie

These artfully designed and colorful socks have some sort of high density cushioning that provides extra protection in high impact areas.  Apparently they are made with some wicked fibers.  I’m actually being serious!  The patent pending iwick fibers keeps  moisture out so your feet stay cool and dry.  I feel like Cinderella every single morning because the socks are cute and secondly they do their job!!  I love it when a product really delivers.

Not any more.  My favorite special feature of the FEETURE is the built in, built to stay heel bumper.  Blisters be gone.  The socks stay put.  No more interrupted runs relacing my shoes and pulling up the heel of my sock.  It’s a Christmas miracle in August! 

Look at that protection. And speaking of protection these pretty babies come with a LIFETIME guarantee.  A sock with its very on guarantee?  Me and Feetures socks have just become friends for LIFE! Feetures’ promise that their socks are designed to withstand repeated wearing and washing to maintain their fit and feel over the lifetime of the sock.  Are you kidding me? This is toe tapping news!  If your socks should have a blow out or not live up to this standard of protection you call 1-888-801-7227 for a replacement or a FULL refund!  I can’t even believe this kind of customer service.  I love it!!!

The cost of the socks is unequivocally irrelevant.  If you consider the quality and the guarantee, this a no brainer purchase.  Each pair ranges from $14.99 to $22 BUT it is money well spent!  You won’t regret a single penny invested in these superior socks!

So really…what could you be waiting for go directly to the Feetures website and order some now! They are also available at Amazon and other retailers such as Dicks and Academy.

Love, run, hop and for Pete’s sake buy GREAT socks!

Angi xo

PS – two years ago Mr. Chicken Fry purchased a pair of tennis shoes and socks while on vacation in Colorado.  I was not aware that he purchased socks.  For a long while now I was under the impression that one nice pair of socks had mysteriously found its way into our home.  In reality I assumed that the socks had been left by a kid or visitor by accident and would eventually be spoken for.  When clean, I would high jack these socks from Mr. Chicken’s drawer.  Right way I could tell the difference and performance value.   I have  grown to enjoy the single pair of mystery socks.  Yesterday, for grins, I went to Mr. Chicken Fry’s sock drawer to check the brand.  BOOM…the FEETURES logo was smiling back at me.   Mind you I have been raving to Mr. Chicken Fry about my new find and love of socks.  Stunned at the coincidence I ran to share the news with Mr. Chicken Fry about the mystery pair of Feetures.  Yall, I had to hear him brag about how he discovered the brand 2 years ago!!!   Really…why didn’t you share with a friend!  lol  Like I said in the beginning…I was SUPER late to the sock party!

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