Bringing Sweaty Back

Tighter and Brighter CHRISTMAS FITness

YEAR END sounds so final!  And like never before this “year-end” will be a biggie.  

I for one will be giving 2020 a queen-worthy, TEXAS size wave goodbye. Bring on brighter days.

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Calendars and schedules are not fully loaded and jam-packed with year-end holiday to-do’s. The hectic running and gunning will be slower paced. More online shopping and less time away from home.

Soon we will have a clean slate.  A brand new calendar year to fill in and get messy with it!

I’m so ready for a new clean planner!  I love this weekly/monthly bright and fun weekly planner.  It’s a standard 8×10 size so it will fit into my purse.  It’s desk appropriate and not oversized. I actually like to have two planners one for strictly business and one for daily family social affairs.  Too complicated?  But look how cute these two planners are!!!!



  • ※ STYLISH PLANNER – Our 2021 planner which features Van Gogh’s works “Starry Night” as the cover design. This planner is 9.2 x 11 inch perfect size for your briefcase or at your desk. This planner contains a one-year plan from Jan 2020 – Dec 2020, twin-wire, strong Wire-O binding, allowing lay-flat orientation.
  • ※ WEEKLY & MONTHLY MANAGEMENT- planners have plenty of room for planning your weeks and months. Quick Reference Information/Yearly Overview /Holidays. A picture about States, Capitals & Time Zones at the behind of the planner. Besides, (3 pages) note page with ruled, you can record your Daily Emotions, Events or Diaries.

2020 Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner with Gift Box, Thick Paper, 8″ x 10″, Back Pocket with 15 Notes Pages + 12 Monthly Tabs


This is also a cute print and it’s a hard cover making it more durable. Both have the same inside month at a glance features. Surley I can’t go wrong and will not miss a beat if I have these two dapper planners!

What I hope everyone will add to 2021 is scheduled workout time! The puff and fluff of the pandemic are real. Now more than ever we need to take care of our bodies. Proper healthy nutrition and exercise is a fundamental part of life! I happen to know a personal trainer whose sole purpose is whipping bodies into shape. I have an excellent success rate. There are countless ways to get involved. PLAYBACK PASS – ALL ACCESS PASS – DROP IN SESSION – ETC – Home workouts like never before.


all recorded workouts for the whole month. Work it at your pace. From home workouts – or take them to the gym – for total body toning, weight loss and super charged energy.


I have been a busy little elf putting together a special holiday gift guide for all of the sassy females in your life!  There is something for every female glam queen, souful reader, sporty flirt, couch potato or FITness phenom.   Use and abuse this guide to your advantage.  Print it, share it and drop all kinds of BIG hints or click and shop direct for yourself or a friend.

The closer it gets to Christmas day, the crazier some of us become! BECAUSE..persuit of the absolute perfect gift at the very best price has become an olympic sport! If shopping is your thing…December is your time to shine. It’s like the steroid shot of shopping. It’s a gift-givers and shoppers paradise and some of yall are phenomenal at it.

For me…online shopping is the ONLY way! It’s convenient and cozy. I don’t feel pressured and sucked in by all of the Christmas carols faintly playing in the background and the glow of shiny ribbons and lights.  Too much fuss and not enough sipping by the fire drinking a hot toddy!

Adidas Men’s Original NMD’s

Mr. Chicken Fry was feeling a little left out because of the never ending AMAZON boxes flooding our porch.  He is really wanting some new kicks so why not make the guy happy and let him open a box.  The teen queen picked out these two sneakers for the man of the house.  What do you think?  These maginicant shoes are acutally unisex and come in so many colors.  They wear well are machine washable.   Click the picture below for a direct link to Amazon.

Look at these babies – Don’t they just make you want to get FIT and go for a walk or jog! They scream…put me on and take me for a spin!


This shoe is not only light as a feather, it’s cushioned sole is music to my feet!

SALONITURE Professional portable folding massage table

Last Christmas Santa Clause brought Mr. Chicken Fry a professional massage table.  Turns out it’s been incredibly handy for the whole family. Sturdy and stable.  What’s best is it stores great and is easy to collapse.  It’s not a project.  I also ordered this washable soft  FLEECE FACE COVER for extra comfort!

This is a great gift for your student-athlete.  The table is good for deep tissue sports massages and adjustments. All you need is a willing participant, two hands and some massage oil.


This vanilla – essential oils infused with coconut and jojoba oil to enhance the sensation! It’s spot on incredible.  Smooth and dee penetrating for sore muscles or sensual swedish massage.  It’s hand down our family favorite and vanilla is a netural scent.

  • Comforting Support- Get rid of your tense & aching muscles with our formula’s soothing

What’s in your cart right now?  Are you shoppped out or shopped over?  Did cyber Monday have any effect on your life?

JOES’s MID RISE skinny ankle jean

I have been drooling over these cute distressed jeans by JOES!  I love the way JOES Jeans FIT my body.  They have just enough give and are soft and keep their shape.  The pockets hit the bum in just the right spot! The non distressed are under $100.00

In any case…if you are a true FITness enthusiast or just need to shop for a sporty hip FIT mom,  friend or teenager…I’m about to hook you up!

Did you know that Abercrombie and FITness has a variety of virtual options? My program works and each session is designed to get you in shape and keep you FIT! Check out the 2 for $20 workout sessions! The SUGARPLUM FIT classes are 45-minute lively sweat sessions. Camera off or on. The Abercrombie and FITness Play Back Pass is a huge hit. For $65 a month you have access to every workout. Use and abuse them from your home any time of day. These workouts are no joke and produce results such as weight loss, energy, lean muscle toning and overall improved health.

The never-ending TerraCore is a PERFECT gift for anyone who’s into FITness or wants to get started. It’s a bench, a stability trainer, a step stool, an incline or decline sit up bench. It’s incredile and it’s 25% OFF with code ABERCROMBIEFIT!


NASHVILLE LASH Longer, lusher, stronger lashes? Yes, please!

This is my secreat weapon to my long lush lashes.  Get your girl some glam lashes with Nashville Lash! Now, you can enhance and lengthen your lashes and brows, right at home, with camera-ready results in just 1-3 weeks. (For best results use it twice a day) 

nash lash 400x500

Product Benefits: Pentapeptides help to thicken hair follicles. Vitamins and moisturizers hydrate, condition, and strengthen brittle lashes and brows. Thicker, fuller lashes in one to three weeks if used properly every day.Gentle enough for contact wearers and those with sensitive skin. Paraben-free formula

REMEVERSE – has incredicle skin care and beautfy products.  The affordable skin care systems is a wonderful gift under $200.  There are bright bold lip stains and other fun cosmentics to choose from.  Last year Mr. Chicken Fry surprised me with Remeverse cosmetics and I was OVERJOYED!


Invest in a lux piece from ZYIA Active or give A ZYIA gift card !

This new up and coming activewear line will bring only positive vibes to the blessed recipient. ZYIA activewear or loungewear combines FITness and fashion.  Why not look and feel good dripping sweat?  ZYIA makes quality activewear.  It’s not too pricey and all of their products are long-lasting.  The leggings, shorts, workout tops, puffer vests or jackets are beyond stellar. They hold shape and will be a HIIT at Christmas time.  There are so many fab ways to strut and wear these wonderful pieces of compression workout wear for all shapes and sizes. This is not the first time I have bragged about Zyia. (click here to check more of it out)


FEETURES SOCKS.  20% off site wide! No one can can have too many pair of Feetures socks!I mean NO ONE!  They have everyday socks and athletic socks! These non slip athletic socks will bring a smile to the face of the lucky receiver.  Feetures are an ideal stocking stuffer or teacher gift because who can’t use a new pair of socks with a lifetime guarantee?  To buy direct click here → FEETURES.  I prefer the elite max cushion!


For the sporty casual FITster FEMALE (femme ferocce) in your life a sure thing is a T-shirt from SOLD OUT NYC!    These quality designer T’s are the hottest trendiest T’s in town.  Celebs like Kelly Ripa and Soul Cycle Stacy are all about sporting their Sold Out NYC -shirts!  I personally have three of them and they are my favorite soft day to-night power to the women T’s!  Dress them up or down because you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt!



Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set 300ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier with Essential Oils, Extra-Quiet, Waterless Shut-Off, Up to 8h Aroma for Home Office

Essential Oils and Aroma-therapy. This is always a great gift to give and or receive. Smell the house up all year long. I even sprinkle lavender on my bedsheets once a week.

Press a bottle is a snazzy surprise fun gift to give!  

Pressabottle is the ultimate in infused water bottle technology. No more boring bland water bottles. This bottle squeezes and sends the blend directly into the water with a twist. Literally infuse your water with inspired flavors like berry lemon or orange twist! Click direct from this link and or use promo code AbercrombieFIT for 10% discount. 

Wrap up this inspirational, uplifting refreshing daily journal…for the organizer or writer downer on your list!  Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy  and buy it on Amazon.  This is a low cost gift you could stock up on for birthday or last minute hostess gift.

Each day presents an opportunity to find delight, whether in your surroundings, your work, your relationships, your insights, or your actions. This journal will guide you to look inside and outside yourself to discover and appreciate what makes you happiest.

Addidas – A pair of nice sneakers by Addidas.  

I also love the look and feel of the Ultraboost. Ultraboost Shoes Raw Grey / Raw Grey / Running White BB6493

These shoes are stylish and comfy.  I live in mine for workout and for pleasure.  I get compliments all the time…but truthfully I can’t take credit for it…because I basically take my sneaker tips from from the teenagers!

Tan towels! Tis the season to rub on the tan! Every girl on your list will thank you for a box of tan towels to keeping her skin glowing! I love the tan towel brand. It’s mess free and in 7-12 hours I have a golden brown glow from home! Keep a sunless tan year around. I buy mine from Amazon.


If your looking for some local day spa therapy sessions…check out SUN GLOW SPA!

They have multiple locations that offer tanning beds, infared sauna treatments and facials, cryo therapy and sunless spray tanning.  Treat yourself or your friend to a month of luxury at Sun Glow Spa!  It’s just the perfect medicine in the long cold winter doldrums.

Nektur is the gift that keeps on giving!  You have not lived unless you have tried a toxin flush green juice or a açaí berry bowl from Nektur. Teachers and teenagers alike will go wild for this…it’s the new Starbucks baby! A healthy win win for everyone.

I hope you find what your looking for and then some!


Love, hug and drink from a Christmas mug!   

Angi xo

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