Bringing Sweaty Back


Let’s get something straight, I don’t consider myself to be a very good DIY kind of girl from an artsy crafty perspective.  That being said, I’m a total doer.  I don’t mind working but if a project involves tedious prep and more than a two-step process, I completely check out!  I lose interest fast!

Now, what I do like is proving a point. To be more specific, I enjoy creating  or making something that is sure to stun Mr. Chicken Fry and rock his world. Something that he reckons will be a flop.  Perhaps it’s the way his voice delivers the words, “honey, you were RIGHT, this was a GREAT idea.”  It’s literally music to my ears and puffs up my ego like no other!

We, the Abercrombie trio, were having a lazy family day this past Saturday afternoon.  Our little threesome enjoying time with Sean the swan and a little down time in the pool.  Out of the blue, I had the most magnificent idea.  How cool would it be to have an umbrella in the middle of the pool.  I marinated on my bright idea for about another 15 minutes before I mentioned it to Mr. Chicken Fry.  He responded just as I presumed but with a bit more mockery than usual.  The stage was set perfectly. I was about to be creative and awesome.

I knew we had an extra portable umbrella in the garage.  I casually made my way out of the pool to fetch and assemble the umbrella.  This took less than 2 minutes to complete.  I came back to the pool holding the umbrella.

“That’s just great honey, now what are you going to do? stand there and hold it?” he said.

Man, if only I had a way to weigh it down!?!?  Perplexed but not giving up I came across a handy Home Depot bucket!  Oh yeah this was so going to work.  If my physics were accurate, I could submerge the bucket and fill it with rocks.  The rocks would also hold the umbrella upright and Voilà an anchored umbrella in the pool!  Nanh nanh nah boo boo!

I did it!   Winning!!!

raft umbrella

Boy did I gloat…and float!  I did a little sun bathing, napping and pool pole dancing while the other two humans shook their heads in spontaneous laughter.  Who cares what those two think!  My work was done and I was rightfully rewarded with congratulatory bubbly. My cabana boy was eager to serve and participate!!

Yep, I single-handedly crafted a useful inexpensive pool toy!  And guess what you can too!

Basically for about $15 bucks (the cost of the umbrella and bucket) and 8 minutes of labor you too can have an umbrella in your pool!  I added the conch and sea shells for decoration. I felt such achievement.   I’m no Cassie Sugarplum that’s forsure but I saw a need and fulfilled my project.   And what’s more, I got my awaited and deserved “atta girl” from Mr. Chicken Fry.  He’s so romantic!

The bucket says it all!  I did this!

umbrella under

Do you have a summer DIY project going?  Share your story!

Love, gloat and float!  

Angi xo 

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