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The FITting Room: Amazon try on session


Maybe… I’m the last one to know…but have y’all heard of Amazon prime WARDROBE?  This is what I’m talking about!!!! Amazon prime wardrobe allows you to choose up to 10 or more items to “try” TRY ON before you pay.  NO CHARGES UNTIL you make your selections!  Only pay for the items you keep.  The process is so simple and seamless it ‘s a no brainer.


What a wonderful opportunity!  There are so many pieces I have been dying to try and this was my big chance.  First up this COZY…pull over sweat shirt from CORE 10.  (See and shop all links highlighted here and below)


This pull over sweatshirt by CORE 10 will double as lounge and active wear.  It’s snuggly soft on the inside.  I’m wearing a small in the green which is like a hunter/army green.  The quality and the price point are perfect…buy two for you and one for your workout partner, your mom, your sister, or your friend.   The fit is between a slim and medium FIT. I like it because it can be worn layered.  It is not to bulky to pull on a puffer coat for cold winter running around town.


Get your kicks from these bouncy ADIDAS!  I have not had a favaorite athletic shoe in 4 years.  UNTIL I found the womens Edge Lux 3 by Adidas  I  actually purchased my first pair from the Nordtrom anniversay sale in July.  But I want more!  They are cushioned to the max and made for running.  I’m on my feet all day and these bad boys have made such a difference.  They feel bouncy and provide support all the way around my foot.  There is no compromise in fashion or comfort.  I love the unique wide thick – ribbon laces that do not come undone!  PERK!


Click below to see all of the colors

ADIDAS EEDGE LUX                CORE 10 cropped Sweatshirt               FEETURES SOCKS

The NMD’s by Adidas are a different less cush fit. While stylish and comfotbale they are more for gym and casual wear not so much running or walking.

ADIDAS Originals NMD’s

I love the contrast of the metallic gold with the hunter green.  These sneaks are good for walking, active wear and overall style.  I see myself in the gym with these bad boys but not near as supportive as the once listed aboce

Also not listed here but a pair of Adidas I love are the Run Swift

Click the picture of the text above.  These provide massive ankle support and are soft sole cushioned.  The fabric is durable and washes well.

High waisted compresion leggings by CRZ YOGA

These compression leggings are incredible.  I mean it…there is no sacrifice whatsoever.  The quality and feel of these leggings is superb and there is no see thru action.  I’m wearing a size XS in Navy.  Now I have notoriously said that I’m not a fan of high waisted because I don’t have a natural waist.  I don’t…however if I disguise it with an oversized shirt or cropped tank I can make the fashion trend work.  WHY DO WE SUCCUMB ??


These tights I featured two weeks ago,  The colors are plentiful and the texture is like butter.  These have no pockets and are a sure FIT without compromise.  No funny lines, textures and FIT all sizes and shapes.

CORE 10 Cropped sweatshirt 

This cropped sweatshirt felt a tad to young for me.   I knew it when the teen queen snagged it on the pronot.

I’m wearing a medium.  It runs true to size.  It’s soft but not as fuzzy on the inside as the one listed above.


I didn’t care for the bulky look and feel of this shoe.  I did however love the look.  I’m sending them back but these would be perfect for kicking around town and a “FOR LOOKS” kind of shoe.  They were too heavy or something to wear for actualy physical workout.  I love the neutral color.

ZYIA – leggings (not on Amazon)


Now if you are shopping for yourself or for your daughter or neice or mom…this is a mix and match kind of place.  Im all about the best bang for your buck.  Especially for the corporate working woman who only wears their active wear on sat and sunday.  Make it count and make it mix and match.

These are the unmatched SOCKs of the century.  who knew that SOCKS MATTERED?  WELL they DO….Cick here to order yours now from AMAZON!  

Follow the Amazon brick road and click away.  Please feel free to comment and or ask questions about size tips and or suggestions.

Love, shop and be bopp till you drop.

Angi xo

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