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Letter to the PRESIDENT!

I woke up so inspired this morning!  I just couldn’t help myself. Words flooding my mind so I took to computer and hammered this little diddy out!  I wanted to share it with you.

Hello – My name is Angi Abercrombie. I’m a 43-year-old small business owner, wife, mother and native Texan. I’m a devout Bible believing christian with an advertising PR degree from Texas Christian University.

No joke, one of my first tweets was @realdonaldtrump fall of 2014 and implored you to run for President of the United States. I was thrilled when you announced your run for the oval office.

As you can imagine I jumped at the chance to get involved as much as I possibly could. While I was not able to donate money, I gladly made hundreds of calls on Trump Talk. I took to social media like a tornado and even touted Mr. Trump on my growing FITness blog. For the first time, Mr. Chicken Fry and I exercised our privledge and voted early so we could kick back and relish the win. I got involved with the Texas Women’s Collation of Trump Supporters and other organizations. I stuck a sign in my yard and I proudly wore and advertised my “Make America Great Again” hat which I purchased from Trump International this summer in Palos Verdes, California.


  I have followed you, watched, listened and fervently prayed on bended knees. I have been an advocate through and through. My hubby, aka Mr. Chicken Fry and I even went as far to dress up like “Donald and Hillary Clinton for prison” as Halloween political satire! Eat your heart out SNL!



I boasted when my godfather Darwin Deason donated big money to your campaign. His money was my money.  Donald, I have read every email and I completed every survey and took it very seriously. I have asked you to pray, dig deep and press into God. I recently asked you to speak to teachers and educators across the US because they are often brainwashed to vote democratic. I cheered this past Saturday and Sunday when I heard you speak specifically to this issue and this group of people. Hip Hip Hooray!

I never lost the faith that you would win. NEVER. I tearfully watched you at 2am CST make your incredible humble acceptance speech. I’m so honored to call you the 45th president of the United States of America.
I love you and your family and I realize that this is a HUGE, yugge, sacrifice for your lifestyle. Thank you for your service.

It is my prayer Mr. President, that you will surround yourself with TRUE men of God. Men of Faith that will pray for you and guide you to lead this great nation. I’m asking that the Lord will shine HIS light into your administration and that you will grow closer to God during this term. Look to HIM first and foremost every day. He will never leave you or forsake you. If God is for you, whom shall you fear?

Find a way to put prayer back into our schools. Be the President who calls for a “nation on its knees”. And by the way, YES, I will come work for you and yes I will head up this platform in your honor.

I also think that America needs college campus wide campaigns to end BINGE DRINKING. Your testimony is perfect….I mean a home run perfect platform for something like this. I love the fact that you have never had a drink. It speaks to your uncanny physical energy level.

I have made a living using my skills in public relations. I felt led this morning to write you and thank you. As I was writing, the Holy Spirit put these things on my heart. Please consider it and please consider me when its time to go to work for America.

Every single hour, blood sweat and tear that Mr. Chicken Fry and I poured into your campaign was was worth it.


Congratulations Mr. President.

To God be the Glory.

Angi Abercrombie

Love, Peace and God Bless America






3 thoughts on “Letter to the PRESIDENT!”

  1. Love your passion for life Angi! You have a definite God-given gift to share inspiration, truth and thankfulness with others. Your letter to the President was perfectly said AND I do believe you need to work for him – LOL!! You just made my day!!

    Many blessings to you-


    Denise LaManna, Realtor 972-679-8008


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