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All American Workout (video)

I’m feeling ordinarily enthusiastic and patriotic today and you know what that calls for?  A good old-fashioned all American workout!  Who’s with me? 

I have planned a military style, basic training type of workout. Any of these classic exercises can be modified to suit your training level, beginner, intermediate or advanced workout warriors welcome.  Feel free to take this bad boy to the gym, your den or right outside your back door!  

Let’s proudly wave our flags without the hanging loose flab. Let’s salute and stand at attention with our thighs rubbing and causing friction. Let’s be lean, rock hard AMERICANS!  

Ready or not, here we go!

 Click on the links below for three all American total body workouts! 

→All American Workout←

Do three sets of each exercise

Squat curl press  – hold dumbbells Do 15-20 reps 

Alternating lunges  – 10 each side – hold dumbbells moderately heavy 

Push ups 15 reps 

Burpies – ADVANCED do a push up at the bottom 10 reps

Chest fly’s 15 reps heavey weight 

Full sit ups 25 reps

→Stars and Stripes ←

3 sets of each movement

Spider push ups – 10 on each side

Tricep push up – 15 reps

Tricep dips – 20 reps 

Hold body bridge  for 20 second count Hip thrust  for 20 reps


→All American Abs←

Repeat this circuit four times

Hold plank position  – Spider the leg out to the elbow on the outside of the body two on each side

then take your knee to the elbow from the inside two on each side

then cross knee to elbow two on each side

Followed by holding a side plank – lifting through the hips for 20 seconds on each side 


If you are wondering where I got these super cute leggings, click on this link → The FITting Room Leggings Edition  ←  I’m in love!

Special thanks to all of our past and present veterans who serve and protect our freedom.  

Love, peace and let freedom ring!

Proud to be an American.

Angi xo


If you are sore after this All American Workout, don’t forget to spray on Blue-Emu for muscle pain relief.  



Please consult a doctor before beginning a workout program to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise.  Abercrombie and FITness is not liable for injury sustained from workouts.  



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