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Tid Bit Tuesday: OILY 

Last night I had a new client ask me a very poignant question.  She basically wanted to know my personal stance on using and or cooking with extra virgin olive oil.  What a greasy GREAT QUESTION! 

If you are a loyal reader, It should be crystal clear that my eager new workout warrior doesn’t know me yet.  She obviously doesn’t realize that I don’t do a whole lot of gourmet style cooking. To be brutally sincere, when I read her text she actually used an acronym, “evoo.”  I deliberated very hard.  I was perplexed and at the risk of sounding dense, (insert any dumb blonde joke) I concluded that she must be referring to some new protein shake.  I was slightly embarrassed to text back and ask, ” what in the world is evoo!!!”

In any case, I deeply appreciate the slippery question and her zeal for making healthy cooking and eating choices. My four-part, non stick answers are below.


I was schooled under the Larry North “Get Fit” plan.  Larry, a long time friend and mentor, taught me how to eat and order clean.  When I dine out, I always ask the waiter to prepare my food without using oil and or to significantly prepare it as dry as possible using only trace amounts of oil.  When I order chinese food, I ask them to please prepare the food with zero oil or as lite as possible.  This was a huge hassle in the beginning but my motto stand true, “It’s a hassle before it become a habit.” I  wrote a blog post about how to order healthy when dining out…click here and have a look…→May I take your order? 

This abandoned lifestyle to healthy ordering and eating has kept me FIT for well over  20 years and counting.


Under Larry’s plan, I also learned to use oil when only very necessary.  For the last 22 years I have basically been an oil free kind of girl.  It wasn’t until two years ago that I bought my first bottle of evoo.  Up until that time, I used good o’l Pam Cooking Spray.  I really only found the need for spray when I scramble up my eggs or brown ground turkey meat.  I use a very light coat of spray.  Just enough to ensure that the egg doesn’t stick to the side of the pan.

When preparing whole grain pasta I spray the pot and rim of the pot with coconut spray so the pasta doesn’t stick.

As I have matured into motherhood I fully grasp my primary role which is to feed and nurture the off spring therefore I made peace with extra virgin coconut oil and olive oil.  When baking cookies or muffins,  I cringe but sparingly use it.  However, I usually only use under what the recipe actually calls for.  I’m such a rules breaker.

When roasting veggies or making a vegetable saute, I now very carefully use a tiny dollop of evoo or coconut oil. FYI, using the word “sautee” makes me feel extraordinarily fancy!  Again, I just enough oil to grease the wok or pan.  There is absolutely no reason to drench foods in oil.  The purpose is to use it so it doesn’t burn.  I think it’s more fun to get carried away with seasoning and spicy condiments.  In lieu of oils, when possible I use soy sauce and spritz of water and chicken broth.


This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of tasting grilled meats directly from the Big Green Egg right into my mouth.  This chicken was mouth-watering to die for good.  Food always taste better to me when someone else prepares it.  This guy had it going on.  Perfectly plump chunks of meat, savory and juicy.  Why can’t I grill meat like this?  I begged my friend to show me exactly how he marinated his meat.  DUH, he uses a smidge of evoo.  He places the washed raw chicken into a large gallon size baggie.  He then adds his special seasonings such as  lemon pepper, Lawry’s, barbecue,  etc then just before he closes to shake the bag, he adds about a half a teaspoon of evoo.  All it takes is a little.  He didn’t saturate the bag, but a small amount of this with other seasonings left the meat chewy and grilled to perfection.


I have been known to use evoo for a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  It smells to high heaven and can be extremely messy.  PLEASE note:  It is imperative that if you attempt the evvo hair conditioner, that you thoroughly follow through and wash out the bath tub or shower.  Otherwise you could cause a hospital or ER visit for next innocent victim who isn’t expecting to step into evoo and slip, fall and break their ever-loving neck.

Also, I keep a hand dandy small container of coconut oil in my make up bag which resides inside of my purse.  This is for the times when I glance down only to not recognize my scaly old lady looking dry hands. I like to smother use it best in the Summer.  A little goes a long way and adds a nice thin sheen and glow to my legs and arms.  Also a perk is the pleasant coconut smell which serves as reminder of my favorite happy place which is the BEACH!

What’s your opinion on EVOO?  Share your stories and recipes!  

Love,  unicorns, cook and boil but only use a little bit of oil!


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