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May I take your order? 

Hello, and welcome to the restaurant, can I get you started with something to drink?  

Right from the start of dining out, you’re greeted by a server and have immediate choices.  The trick is learning how to masterfully manage the food surplus.   


I get a lot of questions about food, particularly about how I intently place an order at a restaurant. Allow me to end the intrigue. Friends, prepare to be underwhelmed with my food selections and secrets to eating out and living a FIT healthy lifestyle.

Instead, please relish and marvel in the simplicity that you too can put into practice. One thing is for sure, it’s not rocket science. Creative clean ordering involves swave bravery and discipline. I only mention bravery because ordering off the menu is sometimes frowned upon.  BUT hello, we live in the good o’l US of A and rogue ordering is NOT forbidden!  Order with AUTHORITY sunshine,  your B-hind is counting on you.    

Whatever you do, don’t panic!  You can look the nice waiter in the eye and with courtesy, speak words.  Articulate vocabulary such as please and thank you with a dash of, “can you please add a side of…” or “would you mind removing the…”.  And Lastly,  “would you please bring the sauce on the side?”  

 Be sugary sweet… Remember,  flattery will get you everywhere. 



My favorite fab 5 restaurants in the DFW metroplex

Javier’s  – Mexican Gourmet  – 4912 Cole Avenue Dallas, TX

Corn tortillas on the pronto muchas gracias señor.   **Ignore or remove the chips**

Fresh ceviche with lime  is a low fat low cal appetizer or try the shrimp cocktail

Grilled chicken breast or grilled snapper (prepared dry with no oil)  add steamed baby carrots and the honestyle creamed spinach!  Perfecto.  

Blue Ocean sushi & grill  – 533 State Highway 121 Lewisville/Coppell, TX 

Spicy edamame ASAP.  

Tuna tower **without rice**, spicy salmon or tuna roll, miso soup and or baby yellow tail sashimi w jalapeño  

Bob’s Steak & Chop House  – 4300 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, TX

It’s really hard not to enjoy the fresh bread!!!!  Crispy fresh amazing bread! Stop after 2 healthy slices. (Skip the butter)  You’re welcome! 

Grilled pork chop with the giant carrot (no glaze on the carrot)  and a dry baked potato.  add salt and pepper.  

Dodie’s  cajun – 723 West Main Street Coppell, TX   &   2821 Greenville Dallas, TX

I like to begin a Dodie’s experience with a tuna tower appetizer no chips (crackers if necessary)

Grilled salmon or chicken salad (grill the salmon dry) with avocado and dressing on the side!

Grilled fish or chicken (no oil) steamed rice and steamed vegetables  

Chinese Food – choose your favorite local take out

Steamed rice and steamed chicken with vegetables **no sauce.  Please add the spicy red pepper sauce for bold flavor. Soy sauce  is a staple!  low sodium if available 

Spicy mushu pork with jalapeños and peppers  or chicken lo mein no oil extra extra spicy.  

I Fratelli Pizza   – 9400 N MacArthur Blvd Irving, TX 

Signature house salad please. Dressing on the side and extra banana peppers

I’ll have an order of the famous crab claws – **skip the butter!  Dip in marinera sauce instead.

Cheeseless pizza with double chicken, mushroom and onions  

Esparza’s Ristorante  124 E Worth Street Grapevine  &   817 South MacArthur Coppell 

Hola, mas corn. tortillas and spicy green sauce por favor!!!  

Grilled chicken fajitas no oil. Crispy onions ***super well done and no cheese please and no sour cream.  (no beans and rice) Corn tortillas and pico de gallo

Grilled chicken fajita salad. No dressing cut the cheese please

A bowl of tortilla soup no cheese and no tortillas chips.

My extraordinaire super ordering skills have been divulged.  It’s not ultra sexy but it sure isn’t fatty!  Protect this information with honor and use it with with privilege. You are in charge.  You’re the customer in a restaurant and most proprietors aim to please. These 5 restaurants will NOT let you down and welcome off the menu healthy choices!  

Ordering healthy is like riding a bike, the more you practice the easier it becomes.  If you fall off, get back up and try a gain! 

Love, speak and eat eat eat!


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