Makeup Monday

Makeup Monday: Schedule

Morning sunshine.  How was our weekend?

In my neck of the woods Saturday was buzzing with the hustle and bustle of the long awaited PROM 2017.   Abercrombie and FITness was well REPRESENTED by six stunning seniors.  Mostly Coppell High School students and FAITH Christian Academy in Grapevine.  The glitz and the glam was out and in full effect. “My girls” were shined up like new diamonds and the young gentlemen were debonair as can could be.

These young girls did their due diligence and it served them well.  Check out these glowing sun kissed guns and rock hard figures.  Week after week these girls come into the gym  twice or three times a week and pour out the sweat. I don’t usually get to see more than their messy buns, over sized t-shirts and the no make up look.  You clean up well baby dolls!

Prom, a long time tradition that remains a highly esteemed social event.  It’s so much fun to see these kids maturing into young adults.  Growing into responsible spirit filled people.  I cherish this part of my job.  Challenging them physically while they inform me on the new lay of the land in the teenage tech culture.   I’m so proud of every single one of these girls.  Many of whom get up at the crack of black the crack of dawn in the freezing cold to come workout because it’s their only option!

HUMMM maybe we can take a cue from these girls!  They made up their minds and make it happen! What a concept.


Hot tamales right?!


So speaking of concepts!   Here we are at the beginning of a bright new week.  Makeup your mind Monday is critical. Why don’t you pretend you have prom in 12 weeks.  Where do you begin?  Start by making a plan.  Lay out your week and plan accordingly.  Put a workout on the books.

I’m a planner by nature and I like to schedule things out but I’m by no means and OVER SCHEDULER.  This may be an understatement.  Y’all, as a borderline introvert, I can barley stomach more than two mandatory appointments in one day.  This completely excludes my training sessions.  I’m talking doc or dents appointments and volunteer meetings.  However exercise is in a health category.  Like bushing my teeth it’s a staple.  I schedule a one hour training session at least three times a week.  I also find the time for a 20-30 minute cardio session.

 I usually start training at 6am and go back to back until 11am.  I like to come inside, check my email, make my beds, toss in a load of laundry, eat some food, kill my cardio and chill out a bit.  Once I have some quiet time I’m ready to hit the cardio or run necessary errands.  This is when I would also have my more important issue to attend to like Botox, dentist, nails, hair, etc.  Then I may need to be back in the gym by 2:30 until 5:45pm.  The point is my cardio sessions are a thought!  I look for time in my day where I can sneak in a power walk.  Sometimes an outdoor jog supersedes lunch because I can choke down a protein drink in a jiffy.  It’s not ideal but often I get up 40 minutes early just so I can FIT in my cardio.

You may not have a blank schedule but surly it’s not full.  Makeup your mind to get in at least two cardio sessions this week.

Pencil it in like a Botox appointment.  Write it SHARPIE!  Make it happen like a happy hour.  Don’t skip it, don’t reschedule. Don’t you dare postpone it any longer.  This is your health we are talking about it!

I exercise because it keeps the doctor at bay.  Regular exercise increases my energy level, keeps weight off, lowers my risk for heart disease and diabetes and it makes me feel young.  I want to be standing by when my grandkids are trotting off to prom!  Don’t you?

Don’t you want to finally get rid of the muffin top?  Aren’t you sick and tired feeling lethargic?  Those size down shorts in your closet are calling your name.  Today is Monday…make it a great week and get to work.  Makeup your mind and put it on the calendar. Check out this oldie but goodie blog post called Find the time!  I can promise, time doesn’t wait for anyone.  You must pursue it because time will not come looking for you.  

Love, shine and make the time. 



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