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The Fitting room: Jeans edition

You can take the girl out of her leggings or sweats but you dang sure better have a pair of her best  jeans near by!

I love jeans and tees.  The only problem is, I HATE to shop.  Earlier this week, I put my big girl panties on and hit the FITing room. In a recent jean quest I landed at my two go to stores which are OFF FIFTH and LAST CALL!

I’m drawn to jeans.  I enjoy the fabric and the variety of color washes and styles.

I have come to appreciate a well priced pair of designer jeans.  Lately I have been crushing on Joe’s jeans! In every picture below I’m modeling Joe’s jeans.  Each pair is a different style,  cut and color.

This brand is consistent and for the most part full of super stretch.  Stretchy in the way that the fabric doesn’t loose it’s shape. I hate it when that happens.  These jeans are bendable yet have compression for good butt and tummy control. EVERY GIRLS DREAM JEAN!

Flawless mid rise stretchy skinny ankle 

Pair it with a similar sweater,   or the one pictured above which is Republic  sweater from LAST CALL! This sweater is under $35.00  IT comes in purple and blue also.  


BCBG Blue SWEATER  This loose hanging sweater comes in two colors!  Cream or this vibrant royal  blue. This sweater is BCBG and a fun fit with a slit adding a bit of flare. Off the shoulder or hanging normal it’s an easy go to stylish fit for casual office or play time.


CHASER EAGLE TANK  This tank is $24

There are so many 70’s inspired tanks by Chaser.  This brand is so fun and the material is soft.  Wear these tanks for go out, fun or lounging around the house. Take these stylish tanks to the gym for a groovy workout baby!

A rock concert tank or t shirt is my jam. And this one just suits me! Found it online Off Fifth for $27. BLONDIE CHASER TANK  LAST CALL has a white one!  This punk sweater says EYE SEE YOU…by  wildfox. It’s so light weight it could be worn  all four seasons! See and be seen.  It would also make a darling cover up with a black  or blue bikini.  Style with white jeans or cut offs in the Summer months.

BCBG sleeveless sweater (sold out in tan) but not in BLACK.  Wear it two ways!

These are the FLAWLESS Joe Jeans

Love, smile and stay in style.


These last two pictures are for your entertainment.  Please find it amazing that I was trying to be “deliberate” in getting out of my box.  I tried on several things not related to jeans and tees.  This was one of my misses!  LAWD HELP ME!


Happy Shopping YALL!

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