Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Hello fellow friends.  Welcome to my FAB FIVE FITness gadgets!

Introducing the GoBe 2  (click the highlighted link for direct access)

Prepare to be amazed!  This Abercrombie and FITness approved go go gadget will really wow you with ALL of the things it can do! What’s more, it’s on Amazon for under $200.  The price is $169 or you can finance with an Amazon store card.  (see below)

$28.17/mo for 6 months with 0% interest equal monthly payments on your Amazon Store Card

It’s a performance weight loss fitness band by Healbe. Monitors 8 Key Health parameters: Calorie Intake/Burn/Balance, Hydration, Stress, Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity and Step Pedometer

  • TRACKS YOUR CALORIC INTAKE/BURN/BALANCE AUTOMATICALLY. Our patented technology is scientifically proven by UC Davis Food and Health Institute. Research studies confirm that GoBe2’s technology has the highest accuracy of any noninvasive method. Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology constantly measures calories absorbed from the food you eat, net calorie deficit (which causes weight loss) and surplus (which causes weight gain) which is crucial for healthy weight management.
  • 8 KEY HEALTH PARAMETERS – GoBe2 is a little bit bulky, but it’s the price of so many modern sensors and AI inside. GoBe2 scans your cells and measures Calorie Intake/Burn/Balance, Hydration, Stress, Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity and Step Pedometer. FYI – if your wrist girth is less than 6 inches this item is not recommended.
  • EXCITEMENT AND CURIOSITY – it’s really exciting to see through the app how your body works and converts food into energy, just through your wrist, no food logging/diaries needed!
  • JOIN OUR GROWING COMMUNITY – join our network of 35,000 users and improve your lifestyle with HEALBE today!

I have clients raving about the GoBe2 wrist band.  (direct link. above) Never before have they been able to see how the body is METABOLIZING calorie burn.  The app is easy to use and it’s a FITastic tool to monitor your overall metabolic burn.

Next up are my favorite resistance workout bands!
uncompromised Mark Bell Hip Circle non slip grip bands don’t disappoint the rear end!  They build it and tone it!  This is resistance band training at it finest.
Click the link above and check out all of my favorite. Hip Circle exercises!
Amazon has these cloth bands for $35.20. I have been using these bands for at least 5 years.  They are durable, machine washable, travel and pack light! I take them to the beach,  outside, by the pool, to the lake, or in a hotel room.  NO EXCUSES!
Or click the picture below and order a 3 pack with three different levels of resistance.

Naturally, I own all of them.  I truly believe that these bands have contributed to a tighter tush.  Speaking of  toner  tighter. lean. muscle.  The Elite gliders are a perfect buy for the business traveler or home gym enthusiast.

ELITE Sports gliders

These disks are FABULOUS for sliding on carpet floors and completing not so. fancy exercises.  The disks easily glide across the floor for body weight movements such as lunges, inner thighs, chest, ab tucks, and so much more!  For only $10 you can up your game and challenge your muscles with extended plyometrics.  Here are a few of my favorite glider/slider. exercises.

Count down: Best of 2017 (workouts)

Next up is the hottest ticket in town.

This Massage Gun is no joke!  It’s some serious next level shizz. Once you try this high powered quiet 20 speed massage gun your life will be forever changed.  This one from Amazon is a $149.99 but has a $40 off coupon while supplies last.  Get it while it’s hot.  It’s A SUPER gift for your student athlete or sporty active friends but it comes in handy for trigger point.stress!

  • 💪20 SPEED MODES PERCUSSION MASSAGE GUNBeloman Pro deep tissue massage gun for muscle tension relief, 20 Adjustable Speed modes offer up to 3200 percussions per minute. Get the perfect speed of rejuvenation. Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. With 6 Replaceable Massage Heads, it relaxes different body parts. In addition to the professional athletes used after high-intensity fitness, excellent in daily massage and maintenance, relaxation of stiff muscles.
  • 💪HIGH QUALITY & DURABLEOur massage gun for athlete have 1 touch screen key, which can be used to control plus, minus and on-off. Smart chips in muscle massager gun provide the power supply overload, low voltage and pressure sensors protection, with vents to prevent high temperature and high motor life during high-speed operation. Being a therapy gun for pain relief and rapid tension relief massage, this percussion massager can relieve soreness.
  • 💪LONGER BATTERY LIFERechargeable lithium-ion battery with large capacity of 2400mah, which can keep working for 5 to 6 hours per charge. (Power consumption depends on the speed) The LED indicator aperture on the tension relief massage will remind you of the remaining battery status.
  • 💪2019 UPGRADE 70% QUIETERDeep tissue massager has a 24V brushless motor and quiet glide noise reduction technology that bring high power but low noise experience. It is a easily portable, wireless and cordless massager. You can use the muscle gun’s anytime and anywhere without bothering others. Feel free to use massage gun for pain, injury or muscle groups.
  • 💪LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLEWeight of 1.67lbs and equipped with a carrying case. Ergonomic handle and silicone grip for anti-slip and fall-down, especially comfortable for women and men to use electric muscle massager gun. Based on 20+ years of research & development, our factory has made a critical improvement on the powerful massager gun for professional trainers, therapists and chiropractors.

A downgrade but a classic must have for every home in America is a foam roller.  A foam roller is a mini DIY massage.  This Amazon’s choice FOAM ROLLER comes in four colors and is right at $10.   Relieve stress and tension in your neck, back, legs and your stomach.  Did you know you can actually relieve stomach pressure from intestinal gas?

Yall, I’m so serious right now.  The next time you or someone in your house are experiencing uncomfortable stomach pain form gas, get on the foam roller.  Face forward and press the foam roller against your abdomen.  Gently begin to roll down sweeping the gas downward.  In a matter of minutes you will experience burping or tooting but the pain will subside.  Just like that!  Take your time and roll slow.  Use trigger pressure movements to ease the tension.

These fab five FITness gadgets will help improve your quality of life in and out of the gym. Fire up your Amazon Prime and shine!

Also – DON’T forget these incredible leggings 90DEGREES BY REFLEX…only $24.00 a pair.  Great tummy compression and stretch without blowing your budget.  All kinds of colors to choose from!


This is the pocketless version….POWER FLEX from CRZ YOGA


Love, let your energy flow and go go!



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