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Love Yourself – Amazon Goodies

Hello lovelies,

In the sweet spirit of fast approaching February I think we should talk about about LOVE!

Self love!

Roses are RED, Violets are BLUE…February is the month to sprinkle much LOVE on precious special YOU!

Girls, it’s perfectly acceptable to shower yourself with gratitude and Botox! Lol

This is what I call self care! I’m obsessed with Botox. I like for my forehead and superficially around my crows feet! Botox makes my forehead shine like a baby’s bottom! Chelsee Maxwell is DFW’s trusted and appointed  anesthetist. +1 (405) 708-0451. She’s currently offering private Botox and filler parties. Share the love and give her a call.

If you aren’t into cosmetic procedures… I found some other cute things and ideas for loving up on yourself. Check out these dote on yourself goodies.

From material goodies to good ol pajama night…take a few hours, a half day, or a few days to practice self LOVE!

It starts with a kiss!  This NEON KISS is a desk size light.  It will fancy up a dull space or light up a bed or bath room.  Mainly it should remind you to kiss yourself because you’re so pretty!   The neon lips come in pink, red and as shown above blue.

Self care and self love look different to everyone.  As women, we often neglect ourselves.  We tend to put our needs and wants on a shelf.  Let this month serve as a reminder to clear the shelf and dust yourself off.  It’s glow time.

Take or make time for more self care to love up on yourself. Time to mindless shop or read without outside pressure!  You may need time away from your dog, spouse kids or job.  It’s ok…we all do.  Take a drive or take a walk.  Go to a movie or barricade yourself in a room. 

Put a RING ON IT!  How cute are these rubber LOVE RINGS! These inspired by CARTIER are super fun for the active woman.  Worry less about your “real” jewelry and wear these to the gym, in the swimming pool or any water sports, snow sports, yard work or for fashion!  Stack on the love! These rings are good for travel and no airport security pat downs or wanding required.

NAILED IT!  This NAIL inspired bracelet comes in silver and rose gold.  For only $25 express a little love with a little bling bling that won’t break the bank!

If bangles and baubles aren’t your thing, indulge in a DIY facial or perhaps a massage! (Also have a look at my FIVE FITness gadgets) the massage gun gets it done!!!


This is an Amazon’s Choice cooling mask.  Will help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles and reduce the apprearance of large pores. Taking an extra 15 minutes in the evening or morning to rescue tired puffy eyes.

I’m a big fan of soaking salts and body scrubs!  Give me a good loofa and I feel like a new woman.  These salt scrubs smell and feel incredible  The price point is so good you get all the flavors.  $15 is a steal. Pamper yourself.  Sometimes we buy these fun things for others.  Splurge on yourself and get your scrub on dirty girl.

Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

 The other scrubs are GREEN TEA, SWEET ORANGE and COFFEE 

Take a bonus 5 minutes out of the shower with some smell good lotion.  The kind you save for a special occasion and lube up the body parts.  Just an extra five minutes can greatly improve your mood.

 I recently ordered a few new work out tanks.  New workout gear can put a little pep in your step.

FIHAPYLI Woman’s workout yoga tank top only $13.99

  • 95% Modal 5% Cotton
  • Design: Open back with soft mesh, Sexy and charming, keeps air flowing, Keep you cool
  • Occasion: Heath workout running yoga fitness tank top, any type of sports or daily wear
  • Fabric: Quick dry, Stretchy, Breathable, Super soft, Skin Friendly, Moisture wicking


This key hole tank by Mippo is another great $14.99 find. As shown above in white…and YES I know I need a tan.

This breathable weightless tank comes in the coolest colors like red, blush pink, turquoise, plum and black. I like the baggie but fitted fit at the waist top and I will be ordering a few more colors.  These could also double as bathing suit cover up tops for resort wear or lake time.

Start a new workout program.  BITE THE BULLETT and go for it.  What do you have to lose except inches and weight?


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy a movie night. YOU will be in charge of the remote of course!  My goto champagne is GRUET!  I prefer the brut which is a dry sparkling champagne.  This brand is out of New Mexico and offers a Big Bang for your buck.  I purchase my GRUET by the case direct from Tom Thumb grocery.

If you need quality down time spending it wisely.  Meaning find an inspiring quiet space to think clearly, make notes and plans.  Get to a local coffee shop, watering hole or neighborhood bar or patio.  Breath in and breath out outside of your normal space.  Change it up and give your eyes and brain some love and new things to see. A change in scenery adds some pizazze to the daily grind.

Take a personal day and spend a few hours outside your comfort zone.  Get to an art museum or art exhibit. Get outside your self and free your head space.

TARGET PRACTICE!  Do the things you always say you want to do but never get around to actually doing.  For me this would be a trip to the gun range/shooting range.  Let off some steam popping caps!  I’m a proud licensed gun owner in the state of Texas.

 If you never get enough down time then veg at home in your new fluffy PajamaGram Slippers.

At $21 your hardest decision will be what color do you want?  The fuzzy slippers come in a darker shade of pink, grey, white and leopard!

I’m such a sucker for fluffy house shoes.  While lounging in your cozies…deep condition your hair, slap on a clay detox face mask. Then girl put your records on. $49 old school record player with benefits.  Bluetooth, USB, head phone, FM radio and much more!  Great sound to drown out the day.

Love on yourself from head to toe and inside out!

As you wrap up January, be sure to schedule in a self love day or a gap of “ME” time. You will not be sorry.

If you don’t do it no one else will!

Love, do something new and CHEERS to loving on you!


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