Bringing Sweaty Back


 This enterprising word means intentional, purposeful and careful. 

The new decade has me aspiring for deliberateness in multifaceted areas of my life.

If you’re a new comer to this blog, welcome and Happy New Year.  For the past two years I challenged myself to strive for/ work on (ONE WORD) all year long.  The past words I have used are EVOLVE and EXIT.

My personal goal for the coming year is to be “deliberate” in as many spaces of my life I can FIT it in…particulary my faith in Jesus Christ.  Waterfalling the word into parenting, marriage, business, relationships, serving etc.,  The intention is to say yes to the things I find to be valuable and no to all of the things that are a true time suck or waste. To bring an awareness when in the moment, to be deliberate and deeper.  

While this may sound harsh or rude it’s really quite the opposite. I fully realize that life cannot be pre-determined and thought out moment to moment.  However, the precious time I do have with God, loved ones, friends, strangers and or clients will be designed with more of a principle!

As an example, marriage can always use a bit more calculation.  Call it a weekly date night or a planned make out session on the couch.  This mission can be anything simple such as more kind words, multiple monthly activities together or straight up predestined hot passion.  Maybe we give make Mr. Chicken Fry’s Christmas gift a weeky visit.  If you missed it, I ordered a massage table.  Give your spouse a shoulder rub, foot massage or full body rub down once a month.  Trade off and make it count.

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case – Cream

The parenting front is never ending and can always withstand a little more face time.  Teens get tired, parents are exhausted and it’s so easy to slip slide into the computer, Netflix, social media, television, phone calls, other children, etc etc and not dial in when the going gets tough.  I plan to make more forced mother daughter time, evening chit chats, family prayer, and a few more family activities never hurt anyone!


TOP GOLF is an exceptional outdoor/indoor experience for families, teens and adults.  It’s a high energy relaxed massive place with food, music, lounge spaces and golf in a unique setting.  Top Golf has a cool hip vibe during the day or evening hours. Think bowling only it’s GOLF!  The technology is the actual ball and it charts how far it travels in the air after impact.  It’s prescice accuracy is astonishing.

Bowling, paint ball and sky diving, laser tag is not completely over rated and can be festive event with teens. Mother daughter “painting with a twist” is a creative outlet.  They offer family classes and have hundred of locations.  Other ideas involve shopping and or make up.  Scheduling a spa or make up day is a nice pampering gesture.

CASTLE SPA or KING SPA are local Korean bath house spas with hot sauna rooms, spa and nail services and indoor outdoor water therapy.  I have been to both places multiple times in the last 10 years.  I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you of the possible NUDITY in the womens or mens locker room areas.  (only in the locker rooms) Male and female locker rooms are private.  However male and female can congregate in the open spaces, restaurants, sauna rooms and water therapy areas but are not allowed into the locker rooms.  Once you check in, you are given a T-shirt and shorts to wear inside the unisex areas. Both spa’s are clean, therapeutic and good for the soul.  You can schedule massages, facials, body scrubs and many other services.  Or you can enjoy the water therapy and 15 different sauna rooms for stretching, napping, sweating, healing and rejuvination.  BEFORE you go, be sure to check GROUPON for special discounts.  

If you have a boy…a better suited mother son outing might be concert or sporting event.  The DFW area is crawling with local places for music and teams to support such as The Dallas Stars, o0r The Dallas Mavericks .  Check the listings for upcoming concerts and or events at THE MUSIC FACTORY .  Movies and Dine -In theatres are a cool concept with teen boys or girls.  You get plenty of talk time in the car and before and after the movie.  In a way, a movie gives way to talking points and isn’t as intrusive.

My daily walk with God has grown laxidasical and could use more formality. Before checking any social media, I vow to check my BIBLE app and read a scripture or verse of the day. And as an uplifting day starter, I will share the verse with my teenager and Mr. Chicken Fry!  I squirm as I write this but I will set my alarm thirty minutes earlier to have 30 minutes of study/worship time in the morning before the bussiness of the day sweeps me away.

HOLY BIBLE  This version is a modern day New Living Translation, easy to read and understand version of the Bible.  It’s not a watered down version of scripture rather a translation that reads more like a story.

Just like brushing my teeth, I want my time with God to be as deliberate.  Speaking of teeth, this toothpaste by NuSkin is the ticket to a bright white smile.  It will change the color of your teeth by at least two, maybe three shades whiter.  It’s incredible.  Click the picture for the direct link.

My FITness sort of stays on point due to my job title…but that doesn’t mean I get  all A’s on the food and diet.  I desperately need to use caution and stop over indulging in wine and sugar. I guess that rules purchasing these extra large glasses I have had my eye on!


Click the link or picture and check out the dimensions.  There is also a $10 coupon!!!   

I plan to be deliberate about keeping my meal prep and planning Sunday through Thursday and cutting down on the weekly drinking.

Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!


If FITness is in your wheel house for 2020 take me up on this offer.  Sign up today for my 6 week virtual workout program.  ABERCROMBIE AND FITNESS will help you burn fat, lose weight, increase energy and improve your overall health.  The self paced program has a hundred percent success rate.  All you have to do is make it happen.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


All in all, I feel good about going into the new year with deliberate plans.  The mindset is there and action will be taken.  I don’t have to blow the doors off the first month….this is a marathon not a speed race.  These habits take time.  The goal is growth and change that will stick.

What’s your word?  I encourage you to dig deep and give yourself two weeks to fin your word.  Once you do…ost it up.  Put it on your computer.  Tuck it in a drawer or in your wallett.  Have it somewhere you will see it at least twice if not more times a day.

Cheers to workin your word and tearin up 2020!

Love, renew and do it for YOU!

Stay tuned for a Telluride Tell ALL and my 10 year ANNIVERSARY POST! 








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