Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Angi who from the time she was born had blonde curly eyelashes. She grew up knowing that mascara was a lifeline. For decades, Angi swabbed coats and coats of mascara on her lashes daily to compensate for the lackluster blonde lashes and eyebrows that left her face without color or dimension.

Mascara and muscles became her mantra and identity. Until one day, prince charming, AKA EYE LASH EXTENSIONS entered the fairy tale.

I have long been an admirer of lash extensions. I have quizzed and questioned my clients, and girlfriends on the whole process for years. How do they work, how much do they cost, what are the side effects, what are the benefits, etc. In the end, I was too nervous and never bit the bullet until this Summer.

Just before graduation, my Mr. Chicken Fry suggested I get in the lash game. Our teen queen daughter and all of her friends have the lovely lash extensions and he noticed that there “get ready” time is significantly dialed down.

At first, I balked. I told him all the reasons why I didn’t need or choose not to buy into the laborious process. Plus, to me, I have decent lashes. I wear mascara like it’s my job. And when you marry mascara and a regular lash serum like (neuLash) it’s perfection! Lashes for days!

Next…lashes are expensive and time-consuming. You need patience to lay on your back with your eyes closed for at least an hour for the first time and maybe 30 min or more for fills every two or three weeks. But nonetheless, I broke down and did it and was immediately addicted. Love at first lash.

Instant youth because it hides the saggy creppy eye lids! Suddenly there was no need for eye liner or eye shadow. Just slap on a little IT cosmetics Cc cream and lipstick or gloss and I’m out the door. Time saver to the max. Wake up bright-eyed and ready to go!

I had my lashes from May until mid-July. I had 5 fills with no problem. But out of nowhere, I had an allergic reaction that changed in a blink. I started feeling super itchy. At the base of my lashes I was really. suffering. I wanted to claw my eyes out.

I woke up the third day with swollen puffy eyelids. Out of sheer vanity, I chose to keep the lashes on for one more day to get through my mom’s birthday party. My eyes were red and irritated and scratchy. After the party, under the influence of wine, I gently pulled off the lash extension with Ponds cold cream. I tried taking Benadryl but the reaction was just too much to bear. Looking back it would have been better to get to a professional lash expert for professional removal.


I felt totally bald. I barely had lashes to even coat with mascara. What had I done? I was sad. I rested my lids and lashes for a whole week and took to Amazon.

Magnetic lashes and liner


Y’all MAGNETIC EYE LASH AND EYE LINER is a real thing and my go to for the ugly interim.


Get your full face of makeup on. (minus eyeliner and mascara)

Apply two light coats of the GLAMNETICS EYELINER at the base of your upper lash line. Let set and dry for maybe 15 seconds. Gently apply the magnetic lashes to the eyeliner and voila – LASHES FOR DAYS!

First off it’s surprisingly easy if you have a steady hand. If you are used to liquid eyeliner. The liner is fast drying which helps alleviate drippage. I also feel like the liner is sweat/ waterproof and seemed to be long-lasting. I put it to the test one Texas Summer night at an outdoor concert in the sweltering heat. The lashes made it all night no running or smudging of the liner!


I recommend two coats of eyeliner and particularly in the inner corner and outer corner of the eye.

Glamnetics babygirl lashes were not over the top dramatic.

I have yet been able to find a clear magnetic liner but if there is such a thing it would be the bomb!

In the process of growing my lashes back out, I’m using NEULASH twice daily. NEULASH acts as a stimulant for my nonexistent lashes. This stuff works and is worth every single penny. My goal is now to grow healthy lashes. When “going out” or filming a video, I will use magnetic lashes for a full lash effect. Heck, I may even enjoy them on a daily basis.


I’m amazed at how natural and lightweight the GLAMNETICS lashes are. They don’t feel heavy and were mess-free. The GLAMNETICS LINER They are way less hassle and don’t require time-sucking fill time.

Glamnetic Black Magnetic Eyeliner Limited Edition - Liquid, Waterproof, Smudge-proof, Soft Brush Applicator, Strong Magnetic Hold for Magnetic Lashes

They also make an eyeliner pen….Check it out here GLAMNETICS EYELINER PEN

With minimal effort, I can have the glam lash look for less. The GLAMNETIC LASHES are reusable. The total. buy in is about $70 which is less than a full set of lash extensions.

I’m so excited and now see the silver lining in the fairty tale. No all is lost. While cinderalla lost her lashes she didn’t lose the ability to find another solution!

A solutions that works, is cost effective, time saver and hassle free!





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