Bringing Sweaty Back


This compact piece of equipment is operational for home, gym, outdoor or hotel travel workouts. It’s light weight but sturdy for high impact high intensity interval training.

My newest FITness obsession is the TerraGlide. A four wheeled wicked cool balance and core trainer. It’s core- iffic!

At any time pop the wheels out lock them into place for knee roll outs, ab tucks, hamstring curls, lunges and much more!

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Time to roll. The TerraGlide comes with a few items that make it quick and easy to start rocking and rolling into the new you. Basically it comes completely assembled. Pull it out of the box and with the provided handheld air pump. Fill up the bladder insert the air plug and you are ready to roll

TerraGlide has retractable wheels which allows smooth rolling into your fitness goals. To engage the wheels simply pull up on the rubber handles twist outward to engage in locked them in place. Terraglide was engineered to play nicely with all sorts of accessories when using resistance bands make sure they’re securely locked in the grooves. I also love at the TerraGlide is sturdy enough to stand on line John squat on lunch off lay on her abs chest press etc.

TerraGlide also has retractable handles which is a incredible son feature. I’ll let you get a grip on your fitness goals and keep the party going as long as you want to engage the handle simply squeeze the buttons and like magic he just exponentially increase the number of exercises you can do but the fact of 1 million

Like it’s big brother the Terra core, the Terraglide can allow for jumping thrusting and can handle heavy weight loads and works nicely with dumbbells and resistance bands.

The TerraGlide is a smart option for dorm room or effenciy apartment style living. It’s compact like a small carry on suit case. It would store easily under a bed, behind a door or in a closet. It’s perfect as a step stool (wheels retraced of course). The bladder side offers all the options for next level squats, deadlifts, lunges and or a soft place to sit!

I love that the ball bearings are quiet and smooth! It’s not squirrley. It’s a modern versatile piece to add in to any workout routine. Paired with the TerraCore it’s the perfect home gym set up!!!

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Get in on the action and order your today.

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