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NouFlex High Bar and resistance bands

Introducing the NouFlex High Bar!

This adaptable piece of home workout equipment caught my eye about 8 weeks ago. And like I thought, it’s a compact, versatile piece of FITness equipment.

The NouFlex HighBar is a resistance training system for all FITness levels. Offering different ranges in resistance, the NOUFLEX High Bar comes with three sets of functional bands. The 20, 25, and 30 lb resistance bands are perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced workout warriors.

The NouFlex High Bar is an ultra-portable resistance band-based total-body trainer. It leverages an anchor that securely attaches to your door frame and adjustable resistance bands to provide a customizable workout experience that’s suitable for all fitness levels. The NouFlex High Bar is our smallest footprint product, so it can be easily tucked away when not in use.


20, 25, and 30 lb resistance bands
Handle attachment
Weighted bar
Door anchor
Private personal training fitness consultation
3 months free access to the NouFlex-app

It’s easy to use which means all ages can benefit from this system. Any household room with an interior or exterior door is perfect for a NOUFLEX workout.

FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of a NOUFLEX HIGH BAR! This is a sweet offer!

The only assembly required is screwing the high bar together which takes less than 1 minute.

The NOUFLEX HIGH BAR is sold online or at your local WALMART!

I love that it’s easy on the joints. The smooth bands are excellent for triceps, lats, chest, biceps and shoulders. I found NOUFLEX to be challenging.

I incorporate the HIGH BAR and bands often in the gym with my clients. They too, give it a RAVE review. The most popular movements are the chest press, and tricep kickback burn.


You too can use the NOUFLEX High Bar with other things in and around your home. I anchored it to the bottom of my workout bench for some upright row shoulder work. I anchored to the top of the door for back flys and chest flys.

I fastened it under the garage door for some side and front laterals and Hip thrusts! Work the booty!

It really is a true total body resistance system.

Did I mention FREE SHIPPING! Get your body back in shape with the NOUFLEX HIGH BAR! Made for men and women. I believe that student-athletes and elderly mature adults can use the NouFlex to strength train weak muscles.

Love, train and level up your workout game!



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