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1310e95eee7d56dbd3d701eaf7b456d7It’s important for you all to know that I married a meat and potatoes man.  He is straight up a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with butter, bacon, hash browns, a biscuit and extra grease and gravy please.  No exaggeration this is how he orders breakfast!  Oh wait, I forgot to add a short stack of pancakes!  Mr. Chicken Fry wheels into Whataburger no less than three times a week and orders a double meat double cheese plain and dry, upsize fries with a large Dr. Pepper.  He is a 55 year old phenom.  He doesn’t work out and ironically he is not FAT.  He has the metabolism of an Energizer battery!  

I tell you all of this because we clearly eat NOTHING alike.  Therefore I don’t cook much because when I cook it is boring “rabbit food” as he likes to say.  My rebuttal to that is then why dirty up perfectly clean kitchen!

Have you ever see the Chris Rock movie “I Think I Love My Wife”  Check out this scene CHICKEN.  I promise it’s a clean short video clip.  This is a glimpse into my house hold. So yes, we eat out..alot!  

The good news is you can maintain a FIT healthy waist line and still eat out!  I can’t promise that it will be exciting and that your palate won’t get bored but at least you will have a clean kitchen and be FIT.  Here is the secret… order a grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables and steamed rice.  Almost any restaurant in the world has a grilled piece of chicken or fish, steamed veggies and a side of rice.  This is altogether a balanced meal that will leave you satisfied.  The trick is how you order this meal.  I admit I do get a little “When Harry Met Sally” with my ordering.  I specifically look the waiter in the eye and order the chicken dry, no butter no sauces…just grilled dry!  This is very important because the sauces, oils and butter will add up!  Listen, burger joints have chicken, Italian food places have chicken, French restaurants have chicken and guess what Chinese take out has chicken.    No, I didn’t forget TEX/MEX.  

fish and veggiesMexican food is the easiest if you can keep your paws out of the chip bowl.  Yeah, Im talking to you.  You gotta say the words to the kind waitress “grilled chicken or steak fajita and please and no oil or grease DRY DRY”     Fajitas can be great because you can order them with CORN Tortillas…no flour.  Skip the cheese…skip the sour cream and be cautions with the guacamole.  But Angi…I love chips and salsa??   Here is the deal, when you sit down ask the server to remove the chips hence removing the temptation.  Order corn tortillas and use the tortilla to satisfy your salsa dipping.  Another resort would be to take your own baked chips.  No one has ever been denied tex/mex because they brought their own chips! Just don’t bring your own duck!  

Lastly…grilled chicken salads or grilled fish or steak salads are also restaurant friendly.  Key component is to order the meat grilled DRY and no dressing or sauce. I can’t stress to you enough how vital it is to break free from oil, grease, rich sauces and dressings.  Begin to flavor your food with pepper, salsa, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, lemon or lime juice.  

Happy FRIDAY!!!!  and like Chick-fil-A says… EAT-More-CHICKEN.  I will address fast food next week…stay tuned. 

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