Bringing Sweaty Back

Hi. I’m Angi Abercrombie

Meet Me

Whew!  I finally did it.  Please click the “Meet Me” link above for a short video clip.  

This blogging business is serious.  I feel like I’m back in school!  WordPress does not play around.   For three hours or more I have researched, googled, watched videos and read articles on how to embed a video into a blog.  For a minute there, I felt like a cryptic coder from the 80’s movie War Games.  In any case, my precious 13-year-old daughter sensed my distress signal and volunteered to help.   No joke, within 4 minutes she had solved my problem.  Thank you baby girl! When else fails ask your kids!!  

Stay Tuned

Please also click the ‘Stay Tuned” link above for a video clip for future topics.  Also, I want to hear from you!! Please feel leave a comment and tell me what you want to talk about.  What health and wellness concerns or questions do you have?  What topics interest you the most? 

SleepRemeverse Skin Care, Nutrition, Exercises, Workouts, Abdominals, Workout gear/ Active wear, Lazy Teens, Road Warriors, Home Gym, H20, Supplements, Meal Replacements, Movies, Acne, Sweat, Gym etiquette and much more.

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