Bringing Sweaty Back

Want to take a walk down memory lane?

When I was a young trick or treater, my parents threatened my life and forbid me to eat my hard-earned Halloween candy until I got home.  WHAT??

No joke…I was not allowed to go home and rummage through my candy bag until my parents had checked it for razor blades and needles!!  WHAT??  My plastic orange pumpkin would be so heavy.  You can imagine the torture of waiting for mom to check my candy.  She would spill out all of my loot and dig through it all with fine tooth comb.  Mom, hurry already!!!  Does anyone else remember this?  Geez, it’s not like we lived in a bad neighborhood. Apparently “bad people” were lacing candy and treats with drugs and razor blades.


Back in the day we didn’t have the pre-packaged snack size candies like kids do now.  My candy sack would be a conglomeration of home-made pop corn balls, caramel or candied apples, a few loose Now & Laters, Tootsie Rolls and bubble gum. It was not surprising to get home and find an orange, a zip lock baggie of home-made check mix or a chocolate chip cookie.   If you scored a bag of M&M’s, a slow poke or a sugar daddy you had hit the jack pot baby!

This also reminds me of our cheap or make shift Halloween costumes. Boys and girls, we didn’t have fancy costumes that we purchased at Target or Party City.  We didn’t have pintrest or catalogs to thumb through.  No Sir-ree Bob, we had two choices.  Either your mom took you to the five and dime store and you selected a cartoon character plastic costume with a paper mask or you made your own. The hand crafted options from home were generally limited to the clothes found in your parents closet.  There is a good chance you were a hobo, a gypsy, a cheerleader or athlete of some kind.  A white sheet was always good for a ghost and highly probably you could scavenger up some items for a 50’s, or 60’s person.  Cowboy/Cowgirl, and or old lady/ old man were boring choices but in a pinch would work. Good times people…the good ol days.  

I really wore this costume

This post was supposed to be about healthy Halloween picks and my peronal top ten candy choices. Forgive me,  I was swept away on Halloween memory lane. My advice is to use some self-control. You are NOT 8 years old.  Allow yourself to steal about 10 snack sized candies from your child’s bag.  Space it out and give yourself 7 days to enjoy it.  After that donate your kids candy bags to the local dentist off.  Cash for Candy!  Just do it. No one needs that much candy!!!  

I wanted this one

My Top 10

Twix, Almond Joy, Skittles, Dots, Twizzlers, Candy Corn, Sugar Babies, Blow Pop, Laffy Taffy, Hershey’s bar

This guys mom was ultra cool!

Donate your candy within seven days to your local dentist office

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