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November GIVE away!

BE_WARE of the candy buzz because in case you live under a rock, tonight is HALLOWEEN! Trick and treat seekers will be out and about ready for a good scare and a bunch of candy!


If you’re an adult, the nostalgia of Halloween’s gone by will flood your brain with memories of free candy,  running amuck on sidewalks and the faint sound of your parents voice screaming from behind, “slow down and wait for us.”  

Later it’s our kids telling us to slow down. On average I bet we sneak at least five handfuls or more into the Halloween candy bowl before the night is over. At first it’s a slow riding the wave of the low-budget sugar rush only to crash and burn.  Whats worse, waking up the next day only to realize it’s November 1st.

November can be a long dud of a month.  To me, it’s kind of brown, rainy and grey.  Thank goodness for red and orange which color up the month with beautiful falling leaves. Oh and the giant burnt yellow harvest moons and stunning picturesque sunsets that paint the fall evening sky!  Then there is my favorite and only thing super awesome thing November has to offer which is THANKSGIVING.  Thanksgiving weekend, in my humble opinion, sparks the sweet spirit of giving which thickens as December arrives. Don’t you think?  Maybe November isn’t so bad after all.

It’s the spirit of GIVING! (click here for my infamous 30 days of thanks)   The reminder that God gave HIS greatest gift and we start planning and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

So in this same vein, I felt compelled to GIVE AWAY a FREE 6 week virtual training package.  Includes 12 workouts and instructional videos and a meal plan.  This is a $120 value not to mention a perfect way to kick-start your lifestyle change BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS.  When you think about it, your health is a priceless commodity. Get on the bandwagon and drop weight or tone up before New Years Eve!  This is the time to get busy! Don’t let Christmas dresses and holiday party’s keep you inside sulking in your sweats.

Now is the time!

I’m also discounting my group training rates for all new clients which includes student and teacher discounts for the month of November!  I want everyone to have an opportunity to transform their body mind and soul!

My program works.  It’s results oriented and one lucky winner will have it in their inbox  on Monday Nov 5th!  To enter te give away please make a comment  below in the comments section.  That’s it.  Leave your name and an email address and you could be the lucky winner.

If you want to enter more than once you can also go to my Facebook page or instagram page and make a comment!


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Click the link above to read more details about the program or hurry up and scroll down and leave a comment!



Lean muscle




You will

Drop a size


Reduce chances of heart attack and high cholesterol

be able to get off of medication

learn to eat healthy

Cut your doctor visits in half

While your at it, join in on the GIVING and give away a big bright beautiful smile! It cost you nothing to smile. A simple smirk or brigjt pearly white grin can light up and change someones mood in a nano second.


I’m so excited about this FREE offer.  I hope you will engage and leave a comment and be my next client success story.  The program speaks for itself and to prove it, I’m giving it away!

I’m living proof that it works!

Ball is in your court!

Love, GIVE and lift!

Angi  xo

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  1. So inspired by this!! This is my year….50 will bring a new improved, healthier and stronger me!!

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