Bringing Sweaty Back

Hands up for the weekend

Happy Friday.  It’s pouring rain here in Dallas, TX  Big heavy drops of rain that make you want to hide under the covers and sleep!   Certainly not the most motivating weather for us workout warriors!

It’s tough to fire up the engines on a cold rainy day.  So, this morning I threw back an extra cup of joe and thankfully it kicked me into high gear!  I polished off 8 rounds of jump squats, dead lifts, ham string curls, v-ups, side dips, up-rite rows, weighted crunches and elevated walk over push ups.  I’m going to finish strong with 35 minutes on the treadmill as soon as I complete this post.

What’s your rainy day call to action plan?

My 1st favorite is FITness

The psychological impact of Friday is HUGE for me.

Knowing the weekend is ahead makes me happy.  Friday has an unknown ability to arouse an energy that pushes me to get up and seize the day.  This was especially true today anticipating “FALL BACK” this Saturday night.  Turn back the clock and get an extra hour of shut-eye baby!   What a difference that one hour can make.  I’m not a fan of the darkness but I definitely  appreciate the bonus hour!  I love you extra hour and I hate it when you have to go.

If your stuck in the house today, or behind the desk do yourself a favor and complete these five simple exercises.  Do five rounds of each movement and meet the weekend head on.  If you can get to the gym even better…do this workout but add weights and a challenging 30 minute cardio session.


Front lunges stationary alternating 20 total, Tricep dips 20 total (use a chair),                                                                     Push ups 20 total, prisoner squats 20 total, Jump squats 10 total!   

Does FRIDAY spark any vigor in you? Let me know, I would love to hear from you! 

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