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You can THANK me later – Pre-turkey workout & video 

Workout warriors, it’s here!  I know you have been anxiously awaiting the PRE- Turkey Burn 2015 workout!  Get off your bum, get out of the kitchen or the bed, get off of the couch, and get a move on. 

Grab some weights if you have them.  If you don’t it’s ok. Don’t quit…use your body weight.

6 rounds of the following 7 exercises

Now if you are a true workout warrior do each of these exercises for  1 minute! 

Approximately 42-50 min

  1. Tricep dips  -20 reps.  use a chair, wall, bench or curb 
  2. Forward alternating walking lunges – hold 10 lb weights – 20 each leg 40 total (add a glute squeeze at the top)
  3. Push ups – 20 reps modify and drop to knees if needed
  4. Full sit ups – 20 reps if needed put your feet under the couch or bed or stable object. 
  5. Squats – hold weights squat deep minor pile – toes out 20 reps come up on toes
  6. Burpees – 20 total
  7. Bycycle crunches – 40 total 20 each side

So by now you should be saying, “thanks Angi, I needed that”. 

Your WELCOME!  You are going to feel fired up and ready to give thanks, eat lunch, watch some football or lead a game of kick ball!  




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