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30 days of THANKS

Good morning!  It’s Wednesday.  Don’t you love how it feels like a FRIDAY?  The anticipation of a thanksgiving feast is so exciting.  I’m a turkey leg lover myself. And…I must admit, the heavy aroma of a cinnamon brown sugar and melted marshmallows is on my mind.  

Also fresh on my mind is a recent conversation I had with a sweet friend.  Stacey reminded me of some posts I shared back in 2011.  She encouraged me to revisit my “30 days of thanks and share them with my readers.   Apparently she had a few laughs and suggested I pass on the giggles.  I hope my thankfulness will bring you a chuckle, spark a few memories and inspire gratitude. 

Happy Thanksgiving.  

Be blessed and be thankful!      

      Love up on your family and kiss and hug often!  (It burns calories) Lastly, forgive, forget and be FIT! 

30 Days of Thanks 2011 (plus a few 2016 #revisions)

  • Day one

I’m thankful for JESUS, who hung on a cross for ME…and you!   I mean really, what more is there to say!  Bubbling over with eternal gratitude for HIS death, resurrection and ascension.   I’m also thankful for my one and only living grandmother Mama Lou!   

  • Day two

In no particular order…I’m thankful for ANTIBIOTICS…quit laughing, you know who you are!   My charismatic hubby (aka Mr. Chicken Fried Steak), and our healthy “teenage” baby girl who is 14 going on 18.  Jesus take the wheel!Day three

I’m thankful for pink lipstick, high heel wedges and mascara!!! #Revlon Mascara is a must have for blondes! 

  • Day four

I’m thankful for microwaves, FREEDOM and the extra hour…thank you Mr. Time Change..who ever you are. #bornintheusa And BLUE-EMU after a hard workout!  

  • Day five

I’m thankful for central air and heat, my college diploma #TCU #fearthefrog #hornedfrogs.   I should add that I’m fondly thankful for glue and tape.  #elmers #scotch #duct #masking

  • Day six

Thankful for music, white sand beaches, and ALL aspects of modern technology…specifically CAR and AIR TRAVEL.  Speaking honestly, I would NOT have been a very good pioneer girl!!!!! #coveredwagonwhat?  #donkeycrosscounrty #iTHANKnot 



  • Day seven

I enjoy hearing and participating in guttural belly laughing so hard that tears drip from my eyes and I laugh till I tinkle.   I guess you could say then that I’m thankful for a sense of humor, comedy and five healthy senses.  

  • Day eight

I’m thankful for photographs and 24 hour convenient stores.  I’m thankful for the kiss I get when Mr. Chicken Fry enters the house. #oldschool #leaveittobever  

  • Day nine

Call me crazy, but I’m thankful for FACEBOOK and WORDPRESS  and social media for connecting and reconnecting me with friends and family far and near. 

  • Day ten

Thankful for my gut instinct!  I’m thankful for SOME past failures and the maturity to admit it!  The way baby girls face lights up when I pick her up from school! #stillhappens #teenager 

  • Day eleven

Thankful for the color PINK and for my 9th grade typing teacher.  Folks I have undeniable savvy typing skills and I owe it all to you Mrs. Martin!   No hunting and pecking up in here, up in here! #typewriter #ahhGP

  • Day twelve

Genuinely thankful for expert hair products. #nofrizz #naturalcurls #musthave #tamethemane  I’m also thankful for the continued development of the sneaker and socks.  (aka the tennis shoe, athletic shoe)  #flatfeetproblems #noarch #thanksdad

  • Day thirteen clock

Once upon a time I was thankful for digital clocks because it took me like FOREVER to tell time. Now no one needs it, FIGURES!   I’m uber thankful for calculators and spell check!!!  Last, but certainly not least, I’m often times thankful for velcro!!! #underrated 

  • Day fourteen

Truly thankful for FIRE, matches, Christmas lights and forgiveness!  Jesus for forgiveness) #grace 


  • Day fifteen

I’m thankful for cereal and milk!  Don’t believe me? click here and read this!!  cereal is a healthy meal ready in seconds anytime of the day #luvit #specialk #gotmilk

  • Day sixteen

SOAP!  I would be remiss if I didn’t also include wipes of all kinds!  I mean seriously how fortunate are we to have these handy little cloths such as baby wipes, wet wipes,   Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, car wipes, facial wipes, and dust wipes!  #wipeout 

  • Day seventeen

Every night when I go to bed I’m thankful for ceiling fans! #TEXAS I’m also thankful for blowdryers (AKA hair dryer) 

  • Day eighteen

Let me begin by saying I’m thankful I didn’t break a bone yesterday when I fell from a wobbly completely unstable table directly downward  into the Christmas tree! For your information a face full of faux pine
needles really HURTS!  However,  I’m eternally thankful nobody saw this ungraceful act and with that said, I’m totally thankful for LADDERS! 


  • Day nineteen

I’m thankful for TIGHT fooball pants, PB&J and Cinderella stories (aka fairy tale endings… #ILOVEMOVIES click on the pink about me link and check me out → ABOUT ME…ANGI ABERCROMBIE

  • Day twenty

Thankful that I grew up during a time when you could make prank calls!!! Among other things…  #dingdongditch #toiletpaper #nocellphones #menace

  • Day twenty one

WEEKENDS!! #3dayweekendsarethebomb

  • Day twenty two

Thankful for my DISHWASHER!  (again, not a pioneer gal) #homeontherange   

  • Day twenty three

I think we all take this for granted but I MUST send a thankful shout out to all convenient drive thru windows and food delivery services! #halleyuer   Additionally,  I’m so very thankful to our household little time saver…the T.V. remote control.  #gamechanger (no pun intended)  

  • Day twenty four

My workout warriors, my people, my girls my clients.   The clients that always pay in a timely  fashion.   I’m thankful and beyond blessed for each heart that passes through my gym doors.  I’m honored by their friendship, wisdom, enthusiasm and spirit. #iloveyouall


  • Day twenty five

Those people who raised my witty little self…my parents.  My daddy and mom.  Mom and pop. My folks. My peeps.  My mother and Faaatherr…in my best Darth Vader voice…   My parents are AMAZING, over the top, like “I have the best PARENTS ever:   #IWIN  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my gratitude for my FABULOUS, energetic, CLASSY Mother-in-law/love.   

Day twenty six

I’m eternally thankful for my extended family and friends: brother, nephews, niece, brother and sister in law, cousins, aunts and uncles.  ALL of YALL!   I’m also thankful for my church and the outstanding leaders pouring into my life.   The Branch Church.  

  • Day twenty seven

I’m thankful for HOT bubble baths!  Umbrelled under this item is running water from a faucet!  How wonderful life is that we flip a knob and out comes hot or cold water. Oh how we take it for  granted.  #spoiled 


  • Day twenty eight

I’m thankful for dentistry/ orthodontics.  #cavitykid #mouthfulloffillings #givemethegas  #smile 

  • Day twenty nine

CRAZY, off the chart thankful for Mr. Golden Sun and his bright sun shining smile.  Also thankful for GRAPES!!!   

  • Day thirty

My healthy may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but GOD remains he strength of my heart; He is mine forever. Psalm 77:26  I’m thankful for the BIBLE! #truth #Jesus 


Please share your thanks. I would love to hear from you.



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